Sunday, August 14, 2016

More Challengers Emerge (I Wish)

I wish they were. This was my favourite part of this year's Gencon seminar. The name of the segment was "shameless market research." Infinity is the only game I've played in a while that I haven't been inclined to either tinker with or expand. Their rules and setting are just currently that good. Now, like GWs pretentious claim: Corvus Belli are definitely a miniatures company first. Amazing, and very expensive miniatures so I can see them managing to be the GW replacement some long for and achieve a level of quality that others so far have not managed with their Fantasy games. Combining background, tight rules, tournament support with pretty high-end models. I guess my only concern would be how I can continue to feed my family if they ever make this game... because could you imagine Infinity prices at mass battle scale? 

I'm probably safe for a little while as this was just their number one pipe-dream, not something to come out next year. But coming out next year: My Second favourite Gencon thing (and much more realistic) is this by Fantasy Flight Games. Not preprinted.

See also: for a demo by beasts of war. I wasn't really interested but then my son said he liked the looks of some of the models...

Still I remain focused on project: Anatani. My Repitilian Vanguard of the Elder gods using the 9th Age Warriors of the Dark Gods list. Here is almost 2500 pts of stuff in 9th Age terms. Just imagine two pieces of artillery on those bases at the back. There is also space to slot in some foolish human mercenaries as 'barbarians'. Either Caledanian light horse.... Or I've just found almost thirty 25mm based Varagyr barbarians on foot I based for a Dogs of War list a few years ago. I'm not a huge fan of using these long term but I've been looking at Frostgrave plastics, of all things. Either Gnolls, since Hyena Man auxiliary troops make perfect sense... Or the Cultists as I like models better. Will ponder the best to pick, and at least I have something for the interim.

Check these guys out. Reaper Bathalians. The line of guys in the back are dragon-centaur monstrous cavalry. This bigger guy in the middle is the beastly Elder Dragon Centaur. He/it is a lone monster so probably Warmachines fodder. I'm sure the GW model he replaces would be bigger but the base is right and I love the model. One thing that grabs me about this list is the contrast to the Human lists I've tried. The General can be a real combat monster, and there are actual monsters in amazing variety. I've not even scratched the surface of the options. Barbarians aren't flash, but the standard warrior is stronger, tougher, faster, more skilled and better armoured, than a human. That's the standard warriors, it gets better from there. I wanted something where the units were more self sufficient than eg the Empire where it seems like you need to bring two-three wagons and priests etc just to get to an even footing with what you are fighting. I

Also looks like Andy is making some sort of 9th Age Human list based around Fireforge style Medievals. He may have had reinforcements from Jason, is that because he couldn't face the prospect of facing another 9th Age Orc list (his brother apparently has one.) Could be, I know they scare me. Will be keen to see what Andy does.

And I better get painting. 

Thanks for reading. 


  1. Plenty of space for more mass battle fantasy rules IMHO - compared to fantasy skirmish it's positively scarce!

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    1. Yup. The only thing that gives me pause is I watched Battlefront / Flames of War go from fast expanding new company when I got into it (at the time of their first army book for V1 of the rules) to the bloated mess that it is today. They were a responsive company with an eye for quality that seemed a victim of their success. I think their decision to take on side projects like Vietnam etc Basically killed their ability to supply new releases properly and the sales success they enjoyed made them more deaf to murmuring people were getting disenchanted with the rules they were putting out even for their main lines.

      It would truly be a shame to see that happen to Corvus Belli.