Saturday, April 16, 2016

Star Wars Armada: Imperial Rearguard Action

Imperial Admiral Than (John) is withdrawing his forces from his home base here in the Outer-Rim to a temporary refuge the Colonies region. A sizeable (6mm Soviet 'Moderns' armoured) ground force was sold to local arms dealers. No doubt this will be on sold to the Rebellion... Much data, lore and intelligence (including the Westend SW RPG) was simply abandoned. Not all was to be left behind though and the Empire tarried in the Outer Rim on some purpose.... Then crucial Intel was located by Bothan spies being recovered from local asteroids by Imperial Agents. The Rebels got the jump on the fleeing Imperials. Did Imperial Admiral Than/Tarkin teach the Rebellion one last lesson before he left?

The Mon Calamari Cruiser Defiance led a small taskforce of two Escort Frigates, Jainas Light and in Command was General Rieekan aboard his Assault Frigate. The haste in gathering this taskforce meant all local ships were stripped from necessary duties so the decision was made to leave every fighter squadron to defend key outposts. This left the difficult job of scouting asteroids to Capital ships. Jainas Light led the way and took the first Intel cache on an early asteroid.

Now alerted, Imperial forces turned as One. Than/Tarkin commanded from his Imperial Star Destroyer Relentless  and was escorted by a trio of Imperial Raiders. Drilled Imperial pilots launched quickly from the ISD and fully twelve squadrons screamed toward the Cruiser Defiance. The Rebels aimed to catch the enemy Star Destroyer in a vise and then mop up remaining Imperial stragglers before they could slip away. 

Imperial fighter squadrons took fire from the Escort frigates as they raced for the Rebel Cruiser. However, this was scattered and ineffective. The Mon Cal took the opportunity to claim nearby Intel as it plotted through an asteroid field and then battened down defences to weather the coming fighter storm. Admiral Than saw the shape of the Rebel plan now and redirected a Raider from its planned run on some Intel to sweep behind The Rebel Axis of attack and set up a deadly crossfire. 

Riekeens plan was rough on the Nebulon B escorts. Their ability to weather an ISDs broadside belied their splindly appearance. However they were being asked to take on something an order of magnitude larger with only frenzied damage control to keep them going. The lead TIE squadrons had braved the Escort Frigate gauntlet and were clustered in a swarm to the right of the Cruiser Defiance. Despite volleys of anti-fighter Fire from the big ship, they were hammering at its shields with strafing runs and chipping away at its defences. 

Admiral Than/Tarkin opted to focus fire first on the Rebel frigate obstructing its planned navigation route. The hinderance that those brave Rebel heroes posed had allowed another Frigatemto swoop around and barrel toward the Star Destroyers flank, and Riekeens Assault Frigate to catch it from the rear. With the Defiance, four Rebel ships were pouring fire at the ISD Relentless. Than/Tarken began to feel an icy dread. At this rate, his flagship could not repel firepower of that magnitude.

Imperial spirits were briefly bolstered by the message over the intercoms that the first Rebel scum had perished as the Relentless broke the keel of a Nebulon B frigate. A pair of Imperial Raiders were now racing toward the Mon Cal Cruiser, having realised the futility of trying to damage Riekeens assault frigate. Some Imperial Squadrons had been dispatched by the torrent of Rebel anti fighter batteries but there must have been half a dozen swarming over the big Rebel ship. 

Cheers of celebration rang out as Riekeens ship brought the ISD Relentless down. The other Rebel Frigate had been lost though and the Imperial Sqaudrons, though battered and limping, were a constant menace. 

The Cruiser Defiance demonstrated the powers of its broadsides by eliminating a Raider with a single volley. Than/Tarkin cursed Rebel luch as he watched the battle from his escape pod. Freed from the constant demands of commanding his lost ship, he realised they Rebels had planned well and Jainas light had recovered more Intel, while the battle raged elsewhere. 

Imperial fighters completed the job and the Defiance went down. It's long form was racked by multiple explosions and it broke apart as the Imperial fighter cloud continued to pour on fire from all directions. Another Raider was lost though, and the Rebels had gathered more Intel. So Than/Tarkin was left to continue his retreat to the Colony world of Koloradoo in defeat. 

Great game John. You've been one of my longest term gaming opponents so I hope we get get to clash again in future. 

Thanks for reading.

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