Sunday, April 24, 2016

Infinity / Next Plan / ...

I really enjoy homebrew campaigns and houserules. However it can be a lot of work so sometimes I like getting it all handed to me. I first got into Infinity because Sci Fi armoured guys are on the official Rough(WOTR) Wishlist. I stayed with the game when I realised how crazy deep the rules are. And now they are running a campaign. The campaign has got me quite motivated to play Infinity games. This in turn has got me motivated to get stuff done. This means there needs to be another Infinity project. First things first though, how is the Campaign going?

I am on the PanOceania side, since the Space-Pope who funds my Power Armoured combat-fanatics resides at their capital, Neo-Terra. The campaign is over half way and my guys have contributed six games. First two were as 'Vanilla', they died horribly, so then I decided to go all-in as the Knights and that really clicked. Well apart from that one time against Ben's Imperial Agents. I find it the perfect mix of my three favourite things: Powe-armoured Knights (last list had six!), Robots, and guys who have personal cloaking devices. I play Infinity with four other guys regularly, so that is one vs Andy, two vs Ben, two vs Chris, one vs Jason. I've been all over the Island, aside from camp Antel, since Admiral JCJF looked like he had that covered all by himself, for a while. This 'Long' combat tour apparently is worth my promotion through the ranks to Lt Colonel. The team overall is not doing well. We don't have Antela and we were briefly at risk of losing our home base at SAGRES. We post plenty of wins but I think others have played the strategic layer better. Plenty of time to catch up thou - after all Combined Army got given a whole location, with a huge lead, for free!
Six months ago, this was my Infinity terrain. Two chunks of mdf sheets.

Eventually they got built. But the potential was there that it would be another six months until I decided to paint them. Then a global campaign with Battle Reports and attached ratings began. Well suddenly I felt bad sharing photos of my my unpainted tables with the world, as after all this is the game with a very high terrain standard. 

So that gave me the motivation to paint the lot with rattle-cans. I think I got a good effect out of the combination of black and grey. Better yet, they match my existing hand-me-down board and 28mm scaled trees and hills well. I love this terrain. It may not be painted as pretty as some can manage but it is perfect. Firstly, unlike much other Infinity terrain, the basis of the buildings is not a box with additions. I chose Spartan Scenics terrain because everything is angled.

I also chose it because it is so modular. It is a whole lot of smaller sections that can be combined in heaps of configurations. And the roofs are removable and the struts they've built into the walls give the start of some interior detail. They also have some cool acrylic green computer screens for the four larger buildings. There are heaps of details panels I can add to the insides if I want too. The design could fit a wide range of settings. I really want to get a fancy Infinity base mat. However, the 10 year old (who plays around with the terrain a lot) also pointed out we can use this as a coastal base by using a blue base cloth, since all the buildings can be joined up. Here it is snow-base Svalarheima but obviously it is generic enough to fit almost anywhere.

I've also made a,lot of home-made scatter terrain out of bottle-caps, party-poppers and bits of mdf off-cuts. So I'm comfortable that this is 'job done' for now and I can work on something else. Obviously, I am a terrible example of 'shiney syndrome'....

However, the 10 year old seems to succeeded at keeping me focused. So the next thing will be more Infinity as a new army for him/me to use. Obviously the appeal was that the list had a Sith Lord leading it. I asked him if he wanted to get W40k but the answer was a resounding meh. Compared to Infinity, the game just looks cartooney and boring to him. I do have some fondness for the setting based on the old Rogue Trader background and things like the Space Hulk video game but I guess a lot of the cool stuff is gone from that world now. I suppose the popularity of 30k is a yearning for a bit more depth and flavour to the game? It's all borrowed history (lots of commonalities to my 'secret project' based on what it has borrowed from) but then that just means it is heaps better than the stuff they've recently been writing for themselves. But 30k or 40k, I don't think that will be something the 10year old will look at until he is a young adult when/if it is still the most widely played game. 

What is the secret project? Well it's point 6 on some Wishlist somewhere but there are no Pikes. Stepping outside my comfort zone. 

Thanks for reading.


  1. Looking forward to finding out what your "secret project" might be :)
    I have a secret project of my own going on... drew up a list today, if i put together all my bits i can get a 500pt army on table, but its a lot of painting work!

    1. 500pts might be a bit ambitious for this brave new big based world?

      Your Tohaa painted? I see the new rules will give them a lot of helpful little boosts.

    2. My Tohaa are all painted and in my view, some of my best painting work... working on another list or two for them but only using the models i have :)

    3. I listened to the Mayacast episode on them last week. Sounds like a heap of models got 3 or so points cheaper which translates in 1 or 2 extra models/orders. That and two man link teams mean they will be even more of the order efficient terror in objective based missions. So umm probably best to leave the nicely painted models in the display case :p

    4. Sweeet! That means i might be able to finally fit a decent HI unit in, nice models but for their points they simply arent worth it currently, iv been workn on a new list but il need to add (make and paint) another servant model... i just found out they get CH mim and can discover! Bonuses all round lol

  2. oooh secret project! I actually just got some paint on my Celestial Guard last night after going around in circles a while on what shade of orange to go with - happy now! :)

    Also Andy after our game Firday I would just like to point out that your 6!!! models with symbiote armour are essentially heavy infantry by anybody elses standards :)

    1. Well if you've been at Andys I doubt it's that secret.

      Yep Tohaa got more toys and the edges knocked of their biggest downsides.