Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Bolt Action: To do list

This arrived in the post for me today. A seriously large 1/56 scale resin Soviet SPG. I foresee a lot of filing in my future to get it to the stage I can prime it. Then it has to be painted. I'm on a tight timeline. This beast is intended for Warclouds Bolt Action on Waitangi weekend so 1.5 weeks. I've seen some cool camo schemes on the net but I think time will permit Russian Green. Pretty cool model though, it's Warlord and has the barrels for 122mm and 152mm guns but no DShK. If I had more time, I'd order some magnets for the barrel but this one will be 152mm.

Then next on the to do list is finally some Finns. Baker Company still owe me (and heaps of others) our Kickstarter extras. I did get enough Rifflemen in summer uniforms to make up these guys. It's actually enough for true commander, three 8 man Vet squads and a Long Range Recon squad. Then I have a sniper team (the best in the game due to the ambush rule?) and a flamethrower. With either a T-34/85 or ISU-152 that's 1000pts. And I had just enough gale force 9 magnetic bases. These guys will not be for me. Jason will use them in all their grey-primed glory for my practice game on Saturday and the reason I got them out at all is my some wants to play.


  1. I've seen some amazing paint jobs done on the web, and the model deserves it.

    But I basically have this weekend to do it and kids to watch so we can look forward to another of my traditionally Rough paint jobs.