Monday, November 9, 2015

Working on stuff

I've hardly been posting but I've definitely been playing around with various things.

I've almost got my full lot of Spartan Scenics Sci Fi terrain finished for Infinity. I say 'finished' because the aim is just to get it built. Then I will revisit and paint in future. 

We've been playing a bit of Star Wars Armada too, a kind of last hurrah before wave two hits and changes things radically. Also, with the RWC, the ten year old and I have been playing Dreadball every Sunday. The S4 human team has been renamed to The All Blacks and my Orkland Blooz to Les Bleus. In fact, the fun we've been having has led me to pick up another thing for us to play.... 

Frost grave by Osprey/Northstar. It's basically a Mordheim style low model count game with campaign progression. Key difference is only the Wizard levels up (the apprentice is linked to this) and all the hirelings have fixed stats, The rules look like they may need some tweaking so I might use some of these suggestions. . I've had the boxes of old sprues etc out. I was originally going to have C15th Perry guys with the Cardinal As my Wizard (and a Franciscan for his apprentice...) but I'm taken with my Vikings, now I look at them. So Radagast can have the Druid as his apprentice and they are shirtless in the snow because...Vikings
The ten year old will have Oni / Samurai led by a skull faced Necromancer. Some work to be done but I like the effect with the figs built. In the background we have the start of the ruins. I've started chopping up another foam kneeler. Some of you will remember that method from that farmhouse/walls I built. I should be able to knock out some stuff quickly. I've Also go a couple of Denizen miniatures Skeleton warriors (I've had these since I was ten, fittingly enough) and a giant rat from the same source. I'll add in two huge spiders and two Lotr ghosts to be the start of the wandering monster pool.

Should be fun and all it's really required was buying the rules. Well that and a lot of assembling of odds and ends and I'll have to break out the cheap snow effects. No doubt others can be persuaded to give it a go as we've all got some suitable figs, if not a whole tables worth of Fantasy ruins....


  1. Cool looking stuff Jamie!
    I'm looking at Frostgrave right now, since I just had my last final exam!
    Woo woo wot and huzzah!
    Will totally repurpose my saga army to fit AND I already had a witch...
    Very much like your frozen infinity table, that new laser cut stuff looks great.
    Cheers mate! :-)

    1. Good to hear it, Adam. Another one to look at would be "this is not a test", post apocalyptic skirmish rules. Like our homebrew thing but an actual recent published set.

      We are having a lot of fun with Infinity but I am keen to see what I can put together for frostgrave too.

    2. Just crunched out a list. Ouch, tough decisions. Expensive for a small list.
      I will look that up, "This is not a test", as well mate.

    3. I'm still waiting for my copy to arrive. Then I just have to fight the ten year old for it... And the list frothing can commence. I guess the real decision is the spells, rather than what disposable mercs/red shirts to start with?

  2. Replies
    1. They are going to release a totally dungeon based supplement soon.... I wonder if I know anyone whose was making up a set of dungeon terrain?

    2. Soo sweet, iv already got my warband/wizards base coated and most of a frozen terrain set done, plus the old dungeon tiles that you helped me with Adam... i was wondering if i could somehow combine them by making a few entrance terrain pieces

    3. I've got a set of ruins built. I'll use maybe my hill and plastic ruins to get coverage of a 3' x 3'. Didn't quite get time to get them painted though but will try and get an undercoat on them one evening this week. Real shame I can't use spray cans, the one flaw in this quick and dirty method.

      Dungeon entrances (maybe a cliff wall to mark off part of the table?) would be a cool idea.

    4. If u roughly paint the foam first it should be ok to spray perhaps? I was thinking especially for those plastic pieces that you could maybe use that textured concrete spray i used on the overpass... from mitre10, its awesome... just spray... and walkaway!

    5. Nah my plan is to spend nothing on the project so it's the last of my old pots of house paint. Bit slowed by a bad shoulder though. In happier news.... My book is here! 😀