Sunday, July 5, 2015

We actually painted something: Armada Squadrons

All wings report in!: It's 'we' because I can't paint a straight line to save my life. My lovely wife (aka the Pro Painter) can, and helped me out with the primary colours on these. Armada is a game by FFG and that means great pre-painted components.... Sadly this is just the ships though, the Squadron (more like flight)  tokens are all in bare grey or tan plastic. That means the "rule" is that we all have to paint our tokens. And they are tiny, like painting 15mm soldiers. I didn't do myself any favours by checking examples on the web and one or two are amazing. Incredibly neat and sharp looking. Some are just way too garish for my choice, so here is my dirtier looking offering:

The contents of the Squadrons box, the starter box, plus another flight I got out of splitting another starter with Chris and John. I have another flight but it needs a re-spray and frankly I think that 7 flights worth of X-Wings is probably going to be enough even at 400 pts.

A flight of B-Wings as Blues and another as Reds. I've got Keyvan Farlander in a Blue flight. Hopefully that's correct. I love these little models, pity that at the moment you required a 'cooperative opponent' to really use them well.

More exciting in game terms are the 10pt 6 HP Y-Wings. These are all Gold Squadron of course. Lots of detail on the little models.

 And the pick of the Rebel fighter suite has to be the A-Wing. Speed 5, 4 HP, Counter 2 (ie every time they are attacked, they shoot back with 2 dice) AND a black anti-ship die. Sure they aren't bombers but that is getter pretty close to the X-Wing's Red die even when you take bomber into account. I've again put the Ace, Tycho (my favourite from X-Wing) in a Blue flight. Tycho's ability allows him to reposition to try and go after key Imperial Aces.

I think the X-Wing models are by far the weakest of these sculpts. The game had been lifted by the time the Squadrons expansion came out with A-Wings, Y-Wings and B-Wings. I've modelled two flights as gold, two as blue and three as Reds for a full Rogue Squadron. After working with the models up close, I just want another Squadrons box as I like the other fighters much more...
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  1. Mind if I ask how you painted your fighters please? I have a bunch to paint up myself and trying to find a simple method of painting them. Love your Armada battle reports.

    1. Simple is the way to go: I Just put a black wash on them, blacked in the cockpit Windows and then had someone with a steady hand apply a few coloured lines to each one ie for the the X-wings just have a line on each top wing and a line down the side of the fuselage, the y-wings have a ring around each engine nacelle and a line each side of the cockpit etc. so quick to do en-masse. Cheers