Sunday, July 26, 2015

I actually painted Something: Infinity edition

 All out of the blue, a guy popped up on the local wargaming forum and asked if there were Infinity about. Coincidentally, just the week before, Ben had prodded me to not forget we also play Infinity. After all, we've been hitting the Armada pretty solidly recently. One thing led to another and there is now a Chch Infinity Facebook group. To join, I had to register for Facebook. What with having 140+ Goblins to wade through for the 10 year old, I thought I'd never get round to painting some models to join the fun. Then the pro-painter decided to do the horrible Mantic Goblins for me and so I got to paint cool Corvus Belli Infinity models instead. I've decided to do my guys up as PanOceania Military orders. Yes space Knights. I was initially attracted to Infinity just as a source of power-armoured sci-fi models. I gave 'Vanilla' a go but they are a tool box list. A toolbox of fantastic specialised hi-tec tools. My level of gaming understanding is to just line up the T-34s/Roman Legionaries and Attack! So I've decided to go one of the specialised sub-armies. Who knows why there are Catholic Knights in the future. Lets just roll with it, paint them red like Soviets/Legionaries, and have some fun.

 And there we have the perennial Infinity issue. Why is she wearing boob-armour and why does she have combat-heels? It kills my suspension of disbelief even more than Space-Knights. Still, a cool sculpt and she tends to be either a simple line Fusilier or a Hacker-Fusilier.

 This guy is another of the three Fusiliers I got with my Operation Icestorm box. He tends to be either a line Fusilier or sometimes (though not always, you have to play shell-games) the Lieutenant.

 This guy is the Father-Knight. The Motto on the Sword is something like "God will prove us right"". A quick Google tells me that this is an unfortunate choice. Still, He's easily my favourite Infinity model, blessed with both looking cool AND great in-game stats. I take him everytime. He's in Hospitaller colours here but I don't actually know if the profile is meant to represent a Military Order Knight. At the moment, the only way you seem to be able to get this guy is to get an Ice-storm box.

My current theory is that I'll get five guys done to do 120pt force to play the first round of a 'Slow grow' league. But what are the other two models? Watch this space.

As an aside, if you are in Christchurch, or sometimes come here, or another SI centre we could conceivably go to for an event, go to the above Facebook link. We'd love to hear from you. This really is a great game and has a lot more depth than a lot of what I am otherwise playing. A lot more depth, as in I am going to need this slow-grow format too, just to ease myself back into the different rules. If you haven't had a look at the game but like Sci-Fi and skirmish.... the rules are completely free here. Fair warning, though, its not an expensive game to get into but I can't seem to stop buying more and more boxsets of 2-4 models. So, you know: "the first hit is free."

Thanks for reading.


  1. Nice jamie, theyre coming along.
    so, if i was to get into infinity, what am i looking at? Thing is, i love the figures, but i dont want to purchase any regrets.. ie, crap to play with, die every time models. So, for a decent competitive smallish force (under 10 models) whats good?
    thats been all thats holding me back, i want something thats easy to buy and can pile on the pain... tricky to use is fine, i can get the hang of it and learn from my mistakes i guess

  2. Hi Andy, the forum is full of people with "it's not your list, it's you" I think that's a bit of a platitude, frankly but the game is pretty balanced as far as I can see. Bear in mind, I'm no veteran either but I think this is a good game to start small ie with a starter box and get used to the order mechanic, AROs, different unit types and some of the rules at smaller games. By the time you've played a couple of games, you'll have had a chance to get an idea of what to add next. Will email you.