Monday, July 13, 2015

Armada Batrep: The depths of Space

 More Armada vs John this time. Apologies in advance for the photos, some worked ok but the low light at the table played havoc with the crappy phone camera. I've kept some table shots to show how the fleet action went but the "space brain" is a bit of a ghost-brain from the flash and light balance. Oh well, key thing is the painted Rebel Squadrons added a bit of colour. I went for my traditional 300pts to let John make the hard choice of using my objectives or going first. Either way, I'm happy. John had Howlie, four TIEs, a Victory II with Tarkin, Demolisher (is their an Imperial list without it?) and another Gladiator... called Maximus. My list after the Jump to Hperspace...

REBEL FLEET (300 points)
1 • CR90a Corellian Corvette - General Dodonna - Jaina's Light (66)
2 • Nebulon-B Support Refit - Salvation (58)
3 • Assault Frigate Mark II B - Intel Officer - Enhanced Armament (89)
4 • X-wing Squadron (13)
5 • X-wing Squadron (13)
6 • Y-wing Squadron (10)
7 • Y-wing Squadron (10)
8 • A-wing Squadron (11)
9 • Tycho Celchu A-wing Squadron (16)
10 • B-wing Squadron (14)
11 • Objectives - Precision Strike - Contested Outpost - Superior Positions

 Will anyone notice what is odd about this table? The clue is in the blog title. The opening moves were our respective fleets pushing forward to close the great gulf of blackness, separating us. The picture tells how this will play out though, see the Assault Frigate is already turning right and my Corvette is looping far out the right side. Meanwhile, the Imperial ships are coming straight on. We started out face-on and paired-off, but we wont be fighting that way.

 First shots fired are my A-Wings taking TIE fighter attacks after John issues a squadron command. Counter-2 is awesome. John inflicts no damage but two TIEs take some good hits in return. Fighters could really matter as the objective is Precision Strike with Empire having initiative.

 And here we are. The Fighters, aside from that B-Wing that got overlapped and is now stuck, are all engaged and slogging it out in the middle. But that Victory still hasn't turned! What's going on? Rebel space-superiority has meant that my Y-Wings evaded the fur-ball and have made a few minor strikes on the GSD Maximus, the Gladiator in the centre. At the same time, the Demolisher is taking fire from the Assault Frigate and Corvette at extreme range.

 The Imperials seem more concerned with throwing all that anti-squadron 2 fire at my bombers in their front arcs. I am happy to take this. Demolisher does engage my Cap ships directly but in return gets totally poleaxed by Salvation, the Assault Frigate and the Corvette.

 The GSD Maximus resolves to save itself by ploughing flank speed past my fleet. The Victory II is irrelevant to the battle but John/Tarkin does not want to allow me a second capital ship kill. Both flights of Gold Squadron are there waiting though and it turns out the B-Wing got to the right place after all. I do get some good hits in but that isn't enough dice to take out a Cap ship in a turn!

 And a turn is all they have as while Tycho and the remaining X-Wing are in good position after clearing the board of Imperial fighters around them... a rogue TIE got through and engaged two of my bombers.

 With everyone too far away for squadron commands, Tycho was reduced to a dashing fly-by of his target as per the rules his guns don't work. At this point I had lost an A-Wing, two X-Wings and a Y-wing vs every last imperial TIE including Howlrunner and of course the Demolisher. All the other ships were far from engagement range. I really wanted to finish off the GSD Maximus as at this stage (including one Victory Token for a crit) I had only inflicted about 112 pts.

But it was not to be, turn 6 saw the GSD Maximus slip away into the safe depths of space. Curses. However, I lost no capital ships and only a few fighter crews. So by many such victories (many, many, have you seen the size of the Imperial fleet?) will the Rebellion be won. Another fun game of Armada with more than a few laughs. Thanks John.

Thanks for reading.

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