Friday, January 2, 2015

Dreadball: The Orcland Blooz

Another summer holiday, another 'punishing' gaming schedule. After the madness before Christmas it is great to catch up with everyone for some games. One nice surprise for me was that my son got me Dreadball for Christmas. It is possible, in his 9 year old boy mind, he may have got himself Dreadball for Christmas but the present definitely had my name on it so its mine. All mine. We've had a few fun games together. The game is a serious laugh - he has named his Humans the 'Super Spreydon Smash Bros' (he got that for Christmas, with his name on it) and I've been original and call the Orx the 'Orcland Blooz'. John has this game too, and it turns out Ben as well. John's brother also plays so we are going to do a mini league as none of us live that far away from each other. First game is today. I've been furiously getting my Orx painted.

Here they are: The Orcland Blooz and an unpainted ref model. My wife got the set for me via Mighty Ape. You have probably all heard the sad news that Slavetopainting decided to cease business but happily Mighty Ape picked up their stuff. Mightyape has been around for a long while and was originally a Video Games store that has expanded every year. We already used it a lot and it has been stocking wargames stuff for a while and with them taking over the Slave to Painting lines there is some serious choice. That matters particularly at this time of the year when it is pointless ordering overseas. Service has always been great too. My Dreadball box was missing its hex bases and, after a quick email, they were here by quick courier and in the period between Christmas and New Year. Pretty flash.
 Since we are doing a league, I carefully considered the choice between the Orx and the Humans (the two teams you get in the box). The W/L/D stats of the teams are available online and can be filtered to show season 1 rules only. Orx win .404 of their games, Humans win .641. So the obvious choice was to go Orx and claim the under-dog mantle. Other teams are Ben's Humans, Vaughans Veermyn (Space Rats) and John's Terratons (Space Turtles). With space Turtles in the League, I'm not even the bashiest or toughest team. We play the first game at Ben's this afternoon. Can't wait.
I need to focus on good strategy as the pic to the right (where John was showing me the ropes) illustrates: I am the two black painted bashers and have tried to smash the quick Humans that John was using into the pitch. Unfortunately this game is about scoring big and often and the teams do not 'reset' after each score. So if you aren't careful the enemy strikers will run the gaps and score points because you got too focused on ganging up on something, duly killed it, scored then found all your team was over halfway and no one was on defense.
It's a fun game and I particularly like my special Jungle Pitch that came with the version of the game I got. I just need to somehow not fail totally in the first match and earn enough money to by the fourth Orx Guard. My starting team of eight (six on the pitch) only gets three guards and that is not enough. I want a couple of little Goblins to run and try and score and then a solid team of Guards to sandwich-slam the enemy strikers. That's the Orky plan anyway.


  1. Ben got an overwhelming victory against me, so he is solidly ahead on the table.

    Regarding the fourth guard, I played the last few rushes of my game against Ben with four guards on field and I can't recommend it. Only two players to use the ball might be viable with strikers, but not with jacks. I can see merit in having a spare guard for the subs bench though.

  2. I think it is doable with goblin Jacks due to the speed.

    Did Vaughan ever materialise? And does this mean Ben now has the $ to buy back that Strikers I Killed?

  3. Looks interesting...basicly its scifi blood bowl right?

    1. Loosely, they are both fantasy football games. There are a couple of other ones out there too. I looked into bloodbowl and plan to pick up a pitch to use with converted wgf plastics if I am am ordering other mats online. I read the bloodbowl rules and it plays quite differently to dreadball, heaps more 'moves' in a game. Dreadball plays through quick enough to hold Josh's attention for an entire game. Strikers are also OP lol. Killed two of Josh's guys and had 3-4 off the field in the bench for most of the game and he STILL eked out a victory after my goblin fluffed his final score attempt *grumble* *grumble* :-)

  4. Strikers are totally OP. I played against the Veermyn yesterday which was hilarious and actually looked like a proper sports game as opposed to triple-team striker-smash which is a completely different game with separate rules that happens in parallel with a game of dreadball whenever Orx or Terratons are on the board :D

    Anyhow highlights were me stomping a Veermyn striker out for three turns - the Guard who pulled it off (he had help) was of course awarded MVP so actually got a level and is now a Keeper! (3+ armour for the not death!)

    Also as far as actually scoring best play was Striker coming off the bench to scoop the ball on a sprint from my back wall. Run + 6 tile throw to second striker who then sent a massive 9 tile throw to the striker in the end zone who put it away for 4 points to win the landslide. EPIC.

    High scoring game but a couple of key fumbles for the rats (fell over dashing and missed a 4pt shot) were what got the Humans ahead.

    1. No. No. The part of the game where you and my 9 year old son can string together strikes with no one but couple of strikers is the separate game :p It can't be the core game, I dot even have those magical things. Actually was relying on John killing one so you'd be two down. What heck Happened? Space turtles not get the bashers 4 life memo? Next they'll be trying to win by Scoring!