Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Infinity N3 arrives, demand crashes website.

A month or so ago, Carlos was(their ambassador to the anglophones) said on the cool Krug podcast, roughly paraphrased: "ooooh evil capitalist Corpus Belli, we want to make you wait until next year for the free rules. Please just give us just a few months of book sales before we give you everything for free." Then last night I got home from work and saw this happened.

So that was unexpectedly cool. I haven't really absorbed the changes yet and only the units that aren't in Campaign Paradiso or Human Sphere are in the new N3 pdf. So there are vigil gaps in my list. On the other hand there are plenty of new units in N3. There include 10pt Usariadna 'grunts' with ARM 3, the all new Combined Army troops... Including line infantry with plasma rifles. Oh and my new Father Knight with assault hacking device.
Initial limited impressions? ARO now works much better, from templates to the handling of camouflage. This includes discover then shoot as a combined action, which removes a funny oddity that has impacted a couple of recent games.The new orders/lieutenant/retreat/impetuous changes are positive. Hacking is also much improved, I like that equipment matters more than the base stats of the unit. The is now a real reason to take basic support hackers. My Father Knight with assault hacking device may be a lone baddass, but I will need to take that fusilier with basic hacking device to do the support work.
I've got a game on Friday. If you haven't played Infinity, now is officially the time to begin.


  1. How many points is a typical game? Like I said I've got 226 or so, obviously depending on how I build it. But not a lot more with official minis. I like you are talking about could run some of my modern SF types as Ghulam Infantry. At the moment I've got a hacker, an assassin, two snipers, a heavy infantry guy and four Ghulam infantry types. (Total of nine gorgeous minis. They decent paint as well that I shamefully didn't do.;-)
    Sounds about right for Ghost in the Shell to me!

    1. Typical would probably be 300pts but game works fine at lower points totals. We could easily do 225 pts and say that the cap is 8 models to keep things comparable. That's 4 Swc. (fancy stuff allowance) Or you could add in extras. Makes sense to run with a smaller game while you get used to the system. Then you can unleash the full Haq impersonation in say game two.

    2. Isn't there a printable list builder somewhere? Is it downloadable or just online?
      200 points is a standard list size but up to 300 for all of the mod cons... what point levels should I build for? 200, 225, 250 etc?

    3. 300pts seems to be a good number. Its a list of ten models (so a max sized group) with a good mix of quality and lesser troops or even a two group list or I've seen lists with 1-2. TAGS. I think they may even be promoting 400pts for some tournaments. Less than 300 is a matter of matching the points to what you have. Can easily also cap numbers of models if you want.

      Due to the fact N3 has just hit, all the army builders seem to be out of date currently. They exist as fan made apps for apple and android and I believe people with web skillz just download the official web based one to their pc.