Friday, December 5, 2014

I actually painted something II

 Remember when this blog started out? All with the small progress updates on my WOTR stuff? This is kind of like that. Blogging to make myself finish my stuff. Here are batch #1 of the Perry plastic Knights. The Cardinal is also by the Perrys. The Banner is even by the Perrys (well it comes in the box). In theory, these guys can also be used for very early Italian Wars Venice. Still the intent is more fantasy than actual history.

The armour went a bit weird when I painted it but it seems ok. I've decided to just do their bases and call them done so I can progress. I have two boxes worth of these guys plus the two metal mounted clergymen so a total 26 models to get done. So this ten is first down payment. I'm planning these as different nominal units. This one is the Cardinal Palantine's guard. I think that what I really need though is about 21 arranged in a really big wedge formation for Book of War....

Anyway, having painted some of the old stuff, my reward is finally getting to build some of the new foot knights. I'm thinking of starting out with a block of guys with warhammers.

Sort of like these guys. Just the thing for crushing Zombies and Undead Dragons to dust.... They are also based on actual Venetian troops, though I don't know if they exactly fit any Impetvs Italian Wars list?