Saturday, August 16, 2014

So Much Star Wars! (and also Dragons vs Frost Giants)

I don't usually do straight reposts but in this case there is so much that is cool at Gencon, just from FFG (I count Attack Wing as FFG lol) alone. My son and I don't know which cool new boxed game is more exciting. I mean, how do you pick between Star Wars fleet game / Star Wars ground skirmish and a Flight Path Dungeons and Dragons game, with emphasis on Dragons? Youtube videos to illustrate our quandary after the jump.

I posted in comments on an earlier post that Fantasy Flight Games are doing a new Fleet Scale game Star Wars Armada. In this game, the starter pits a Corellian Corvette and a Nebulon B frigate vs a Victory Class Star Destroy, with squadrons of fighters zipping around. The game, looks really cool... especially now Team Covenant have done a Gencon Preview.

It even has named pilots in those squadrons and the command mechanic looks really cool. Flexible Rebels vs the Imperial Juggernaut.

But wait, there's more! I've been wanting to get a copy of FFG's Descent for the longest time but held off as too complex for me to play with my eldest son (too much set up given his attention span lol) and I wouldn't get my mates together often enough to make it worthwhile for that. But my son is getting older AND there is now a Star Wars version.

Source: Fantasy Flight Games

It will have a mission mode in a campaign structure. In that mode it looks like a rebel strike team runs vs an Imperial player who is sort of like the 'DM' in that they get to bring on continual reinforcements based on mission triggers. In the other mode, it is going to be straight 2 player skirmish. My son has honed in on the fact he can be Darth Vader and send his minions to crush me. Can't wait. 

Last in line is another Flight Path game (ie just like X-Wing) by Wizkids (who also do a licensed Star Trek version) using the D&D setting. That's right, X-Wing with Dragons! My wife loves dragons, in fact, who doesn't love Dragons? The new thing about this game is that it will have ground forces. I am very keen to pick this up as well. WizKids don't have the production values of FFG but can't deny the appeal of the setting. Luckily, these aren't all out right now. Phew. The Dungeons and Dragons one is due October though.

Source: Fantasy Flight Games X-Wing forums.
Lastly, a new faction for X-Wing: Scum and Villainy. In addition to new ships, I understand that the more Villanous/Old of the existing ships (eg Slave 1, HWK, Z-95, Y-Wing etc) get new cards to make them fit this faction.

Thanks for reading. More substantive post containing my own stuff to follow soon, now I've got my excitement out of my system.

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