Saturday, August 2, 2014

BFG Star Wars

 Out of the blue, Jason decided we need to play BFG Star Wars again. If you've been reading my rambling for years, you may remember that long, long, ago (TM) we played a fun BFG Star Wars campaign that John was totally winning. Then we stopped. Jason has got randomly enthusiastic about it again an repainted all his stuff. Me, I've located most of my stuff. I still need to find one of the Venators and a Nebulon B frigate. We did 1500 pts (and free Admirals, because I never remember to buy one) using the BFG fleet lists to provide the statlines for various ships.


We ignored the fleet building rules so that escorts would be more likely to be taken and Grand Cruisers would be less oddly penalised. The fleet I took was possible under the actual rules, I just would have swapped my escorts for another light Cruiser. It was more fun to use the Nebulon Bs. I used the Chaos Devastation class for the Venators, the Nebulon Bs were sword class frigates, the Star Destroyers were Oberron class Battleships and the Vindicators were Enforcer light cruisers. This meant that in Star Wars style, almost everything had launch bays.

 The Rebels has a Mon Calamari Battleship, a Mon Calamari Grand Cruiser, some ex-Seperatist Cruisers and a pair of absolutely vicious assault cruisers along with a pack of Corellian Corvettes. See the link at the start of the post to Jason's blog where he itemises what is what in BFG terms. He thew a small group round to flank me while sending the rest forward to pass parallel to the path of my Star Destroyers. I intended to drive the Star Destroyers forward (one they take a blast marker they can't turn anyway) while using my cruisers to cross that line like an 'X'

First blood to the Empire! A terrorist assault frigate crippled at extreme range by an Imperial Star destroyer.

The Rebels had got to go first and got the first real turn of firing. I lost a Venator outright. Jason had opted for guns over attack craft so I actually had fighter superiority... until I lost one of the carriers!

 My turn two made it worth it though. Both Imperial Star Destroyers in range of their targets, locked on, and the light cruisers are in range to support with attack craft and frontal turbo-lasers. The rebel flagship was crippled.

 Like it so often does with Jason and I, it degenerated to a bloody brawl in the centre. I decided to let Jason kill another Venator to make room for the rest of my ships. The Rebel Terrorists also killed my Nebulon B medical Frigate. For shame. I didn't want to let the Mon calamari flagship escape but the repurposed republic era CIS battle cruiser ploughing towards me was a concern...

 Oh, remember those sneaky flanking guys? Jason had managed to get a lot of ships BEHIND (the cowards) my Star Destroyers. The ISD Hammer of Ryleh was crippled by this treacherous backstabbing attack. However, the forces or Order can claim victory as neither the Rebel Flagship or the Battlecruiser survived the intense close range gun-fire at the death of battle.

Man that was fun. Jason had intended to come up with some sort of Dystopian Wars (remember that campaign?) X-Wing, BFG combination. However, the BFG rules are admirably straightforward, brief, yet tactical and well balanced. So I am glad we just used those. Some sort of campaign overlay could be added however... Plan for next time: try not to lose my Venators so cheaply! Thanks for reading.


  1. Very very cool! Where'd you get the ships from? They look pretty consistent scale wise.

    1. Hi Nick, the assault frigates, corvettes, nebulon Bs, my light ISDs and the Mon Cal are Odyssey slipways resin models. The Bigger flat Mon Cal and the Bigger ISDs are plastic toys. The ships I used for the Venators are Brigade Miniatures cheers.

  2. Great looking game! Nice idea using the BFG rules, they are a wonderfully streamlined set of rules, I think Andy Chambers said they were his favourite design job.

    1. I think BFG is a lot like the other GW game used to play all the time, in that regard. Short rules at the start (but lots of depth to them) and most of the book is lists, scenarios and hobby stuff.

  3. Actually looks like we will all have a new source of fleet scale Star Wars:

    Looks very cool