Sunday, March 30, 2014

Fallout: I actually painted something

There are rumours of a secret project in the works. Some even dare whisper of madmen, riding tricycles, with explosives. There has been extensive building activity related to this and it looks set to shape up well.  My modest contribution is a band of Wastelanders. They don't pack the power-armour of the Brotherhood of Steel, they aren't well supplied expansionists like the New California Republic, they aren't crazies jumped up on drugs like the Raiders. Instead they independent, self-sufficient, scavengers, explorers and home-steaders. It's a wild, wild, wasteland out there and these guys rival Radroaches for survival skills...

The figs are the Scavengers from the very cool Copplestone Castings Future Wars line. I've picked up ten so five to go and may also convert a couple of other figs into heavy weapons guys, if needed.

Poses are all a bit samey but I love the small detail, down to the ripped out knees and the fact that most of these guys are real pack-rats. 


  1. They look great Jamie! Looking forward to riddling them with laser fire :)

  2. Thanks lads.

    @Andy, doing the post reminded me, you have any luck getting blogger to go again so you can post up the rest of your fallout stuff?