Tuesday, December 24, 2013

X-Wing: Quick thoughts

After Adam and I did our drug-pusher routine a few weeks ago, Andy duly got himself an X-Wing starter box and a TIE interceptor. We had a 100 pt bash on Sunday. I think he plans to swap his X-Wing for Jason's TIE-Bomber so he borrowed my Bomber and one of my TIEs. He then ran some pretty Elite Imperial pilots: Major Rymer, whoever the top Interceptor Ace is, Mithel Mauler, Dark Curse, and good old Academy TIE-Fighter. He loaded two topedos on the Bomber and was ready to go. I ran Rebel Chaff. A rookie X-Wing, Biggs' X-Wing, Dagger Squadron B-Wing with Fire control system and the much maligned Outer-Rim smuggler. 

The intention was for a quick and fun bash. I loved being Rebels, with their tougher and heavier gunned ships, without being seriously out-numbered. The Outer-Rim smuggler gets a lot of stick on the net, but you can't complain at the cost!

Andy's approach was simple: Imperial march right up the middle and smack Biggs with a Proton torpedo.
I really like how the simple, cheap, TIE fighter does so well in this game by dodging incoming fire....

 Except somehow, when Andy had my dodge dice, he kept bringing up the blank faces. First pass by a couple of Rebel fighters splashed Dark Curse.

Andy's TIEs kept swarming around. Memorably, Academy Pilot seemed to want to orbit around that freighter. I found the freighter to be a useful weapon. It's a little tougher than a B-Wing, can't be upgraded, but has a range three gun on a turret with the lock on action on it's action bar. So at range one that's three dice with re-rolls.

Andy is still getting to grips with the game and his appalling dodge dice weren't helping. Two of his ships went down to dice throws that didn't cancel a single hit.

So it does emphasize the 'light' aspect of the game. I pulled through with no ships lost, while slaughtering several TIEs. Sorry Andy! I blame the dice. Thanks for the game and a good discussion of gaming projects afterwards.

On the up-side. I've discovered the Outer Rim Smuggler is not a bad option. Not a powerhouse like a B-Wing. I seriously love the B-Wing. However, I will now be very happy to have a poor quality YT-1300 in my fleet. If it gets to the right place, it can reliably chip away at targets using target lock. Best of all, it's price allows four Rebel ships. That's a lot of ships by Rebel standards. I think that I'll leave Biggs home next time though, I don't really think he adds anything. Maybe Luke just for the pilot skill?

Thanks for the game Andy and a good discussion of gaming projects afterwards..... including this 'War of the Ring' game that he claims exists. Mass battles in Middle-Earth, sounds cool but who even plays that game? We should! Soon. Looking forward to it.

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