Friday, November 15, 2013

X-Wing Batrep: Imperial Firespray debut.

Back to the X-Wing. Ben is back from the UK, since his day job is suddenly in huge demand in this city.... for some reason. He's got into X-Wing to so dropped by for a game last Sunday, fresh from crushing John Y-Wings the week before. He wanted to use my B-Wing - so I have still to use that ship in anger. However, I got to get my first game in with my awesome new Firespray.... and it's mighty heavy laser cannon. After previous experiences (will it last to fire once? Twice?) I was in two minds about the TIE Bomber but decided to stick with it as I've just bought it. Ben opted for a medley of Rebel fighters. 

1 • Green Squadron Pilot - A-wing (19) 
    - Push The Limit (3)
    - Homing Missiles (5)
    • Total : 27
2 • Red Squadron Pilot - X-wing (23) 
    • Total : 23
3 • Red Squadron Pilot - X-wing (23) 
    • Total : 23
4 • Blue Squadron Pilot - B-wing (22) 
    - Ion Cannon (3)
    - Fire-Control System (2)
    • Total : 27
The Ion Cannon is an interesting choice. Ben tells me it would have been perfect in his game vs John, except somehow it failed to land a hit, that it by all rights should have, and it undid everything he had set up. The Fire Control system pretty much should just be included on the B-Wing's card IMO, though I suppose my opinion may change when I get a Shuttle box and the Advanced Sensors card... 


1 • Bounty Hunter - Firespray-31 (33) 
    - Seismic Charges (2)
    - Heavy Laser Cannon (7)
    • Total : 42
2 • Scimitar Squadron Pilot - TIE Bomber (16) 
    - Proton Torpedoes (4)
    - Seismic Charges (2)
    • Total : 22
3 • Academy Pilot - TIE Fighter (12) 
    • Total : 12
4 • Academy Pilot - TIE Fighter (12) 
    • Total : 12
5 • Academy Pilot - TIE Fighter (12) 
    • Total : 12

By the time of the game, I still was having trouble deciding between a second Torpedo for that TIE bomber or the two Seismic charges. In the end, I had the ask the resident X-Wing expert, the 8 year old. I think he chose well. 

The Firespray is a big ship. The gun I put on it still gets 4 dice at range 3 and it's targets don't get their +1 dodge dice. So the 'plan' was to swing it wide. Neither of us wanted to be the one to rush in too early and lose something cheaply. Meanwhile, I imagined the Bomber was heavy infantry, and the two TIEs in front were skirmishers. The Firespray (the Bobba Fett ship, without Bobba Fett) was my heavy Cavalry, out on the flank. I assigned it the third TIE to skirmish on it's flanks. I think I need to play more Impetvs!

One of the Academy TOEs got nailed early, picking up a crit that dropped it's shooting from two, down to one. Ruh roh. The Firespray got to work weakening the shields on the B-Wing and my nimble TIES managed to avoid being Ionised.

Then I got the pay off for my formation flying. I hung the bomber back, while racing the wounded TIE forward and out of harms way. Somehow the B-Wing just could not hit it, while the B-Wing might as well have been a flying brick, for all it could dodge enemy fire. It got poleaxed between a flanking heavy laser cannon and a proton torpedo from the bomber. Better yet, Ben had been trying to overrun my squadron with the X-Wings and turn around to hit my rear... except some evil Imperial bastard left a Bomber on minimum speed right in their path. No K-Turn for them AND they were still stressed. So I ended up getting to do all the shooting. Then...

I never get tired of that clip, and The 8 year old was right about the Seismic charge. The TIE-Bomber had lagged behind, then rushed forward to do the big K-Turn it gets..... leaving a little surprise in its wake for the hapless X-Wings. One of the little TIEs had turned hard about and was ready to capitalise on a wounded ship with close range fire and the rest of my squadron was there lined up to have another go with the stragglers.

And then there was one. The A-Wing had been awesome, pulling actions and boosts all over the place but the little thing is under-gunned compared to other Rebel ships.

Good game, Ben! Heaps of fun and you definitely showed me a trick or two. The scoreline flattered me a bit - as 'Limpy', the wounded TIE, had no right to survive the first clash. And lets be honest, getting into amongst those X-Wings and spoiling their early pass was key, as that was a big proportion of the rebel firepower stuck on a straight path, as they were stressed.That gave me two bites of the cherry for little return fire. It looked awesomely clever when it  happened but was the interaction of both of our blind choices. So you know, also awesomely lucky for me that I got that particular outcome.

So it looks like the TIE bomber finally did good. Now of course, I have to resist the urge to buy a second...

Ben says he is also into SAGA, so we need to make that happen. Speaking of 'happening', NZ NATCON is in Christchurch this year and it would be great if there was either SAGA or X-Wing.


  1. Looks like a good game. It's nice when a plan comes together. I need to play more X-Wing.

  2. Thanks Sean, yes play more X-wing.