Friday, October 25, 2013


Soviets have often seemed like the FOW red-headed stepchild.Even going back to the original FOW forum, the ROF1 T-34s thread was epic in it's length.  Even today you only have to mention 'Hen and Chicks' to produce 40-50 pages of more heat than light.

I've sometimes even wondered if Phil et al regret adding Soviets to their game of swirling desert tank battles given how Soviets never seem to be 'right'.

To the left you see my personal pick of their best attempt so far. However even that good effort produced issues in that after a while some of the serious tournament players began to grumble that Soviets were now 'too good'.

We saw new costs announced formally for FOW Soviets last night (link to no doubt change as they have errors to fix) and Craig C's email comment to me was this meant lots of tough choices. There is always a downside with Soviets but that would be an awesome one to finally have.


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