Friday, August 2, 2013

STILL painting / Xcom / Infinity

I had the X-Box 360 plugged in and actually played it last night. These days, it's usually something that I play (too rarely) vs friends and more often play along, with my kids. I was playing a very cool remake of a PC classic: X-Com Enemy Unknown. Is is a turn based, tactical skirmish game. With a strategy overlay between missions. It would make a cool wargame, in fact it was a wargame that reminded me of it and made me want to play again - more of that in a second. Firstly, I've kept up the painting! 

Ten more guys from the Perry box. Four based to make an Inpetvs S (as in skirmishing) Crossbow unit. Six based with Pavise shield to make a T (beats me, something Italian meaning ranked missiles) Pavise Crossbow unit. One thing I rally like about Impetvs with the revisions is that both types really have their role.

In the past S skirmishers were much more useful but now some good changes to the Interpenetration rules, an allowance to shoot over screening units at a penalty and a bonus to shoot skirmishers at short range has really re-balanced this. Now I never leave home without my T units and they have saved me time and again from enemy cavalry. I do still love the the slipperyness of the S units but my opponents like Adam and Jason have a nasty habit of leaving hoof-prints all over their bodies. In Impetvs, skirmishers are automatically scattered on contact.

I've got half the box done and will have 14 more painted up to to face Jason's Fantasy Nippon army on Sunday night. Should be awesome. Just have to stay focused.

.... focused. Wait, why was I playing X-Com again? Oh yes, I've been reading up on a Sci-Fi skirmish gave called Infinity, by Corvus Belli. I get to do that in detail because the rules are all free! In my defense, power armoured Sci-Fi guys are on my LIST.

This game is very cool. It has Space Scotsmen. 

Space Shaolin.

Space Samurai. 

Space ??? 

Don't know about the last one. I think it is probably one of the gribblies you try to sniper shot at extreme range, from a jetpack vantage point, in X-Com. Otherwise it will just keep running towards you, and eat you.

I really like the Infinity figs but I think Andy has the right idea in terms of getting some models together to at least try out the rules. Some old Space Marine Scouts, Terminators, giant Evil Terminator, and plastic Catachans are all in the Simple Green, stripping, as I type this.Should be enough for two forces. But I promise to at least finish my pike block first!


  1. Nice job on the crossbowmen.
    In french tireur means shooter, so maybe it is similar in Italian?

    1. Thanks Maximillian.

      Re: the language - you are probably right. French and Italian are both from the same language group?

    2. They're similar in some ways, like German and English i guess