Sunday, August 18, 2013

GW Scouts for Infinity Proxies

Just a little bit of 'progress'. I painted up these guys this week as a change of pace from the Perry Mercenaries. I *think* the scouts are actually Perry sculpted as well? Whoever did them, I quite like the models and was pleased to see I had enough poses for 9 guys without repeating an exact pose.

I also did up a jump-pack marine and two Terminators (the best GW model of them all) in the same livery. Despite the fact you can no doubt find plenty of these models painted this way to play using GW's rules, I have actually painted them to work with ANOTHER game where there are monastic orders of futuristic warriors in power-armour borrowing heavily from European history...

...Yes Knight-Hospitallers for Infinity, by Corvus Belli. The guys below are in Teutonic Knight livery but the game also has Knight Hospitallers and they are my favourite knightly order. The six guys you see in the pic is enough to play a game at their suggested starting points level of 150 points, which means I will have plenty of spares. The game has light (I will use Scouts for these), medium (normal power armour) and heavy (Terminators) infantry. So GW models make ideal proxies and I have plenty in a box labelled 'junk', after already giving my son heaps more. Next I need to make up the OPFOR.

My guys are Panoceania Military Orders so I am thinking Yu-Jing with a mix of Zhang Shi (the equivalent of the Order Sergeants/Scouts) and Tiger Soldiers. The Tiger Soldiers aren't as beefy as a full on heavy infantry but have basic camo fields, the capacity for aerial insertion, good weapon options, and an affordable price. I have some spare Catachan plastics (surprisingly few, I think John ended up with the rest?) and some guys in power-armour to be the Tiger warriors. So that will be the goal for this week.

I want to play this game, it has so much crazy random sci-fi stuff in it that it can't help but be fun. You can even have stealth guys under a 'blip' marker moving around the battlefield and the lists are 'blind' so you never know if that marker has one or two or three guys under it. Or you can have hackers paralyzing enemy heavy infantry or disrupting aerial drops. Units can be cloaked to lay mines. If you want to pay the points you can have a cloaked sniper, who will dominate if he ever gets a fire-lane or, like in the pic above, in the futuristic battlefield swords are totally back in fashion. It demands heaps of terrain though so I am pondering how to manage that. Good thing the rules are free.


  1. Hi Jamie,

    I've been looking through the rules. It looks like a pretty cool game. I'd be keen to have a game sometime if I can get a proxy army together.

  2. Hi Chris, you can easily use the OPFOR figs I am working on next. Jason and I had a go tonight with him using some sci-fi robots mixed with SAS and it was a lot of fun. I lost in the end as I kept sending a cool trooper off on its own and then he kept sneaking some random light infantry dude up into my blindspot and killing it. I just need to work on terrain as there were a few wooden blocks on the table in amidst the proper stuff....