Sunday, June 2, 2013

BA: I actually painted something!

I've been in a serious painting rut recently but I think it isn't 'me', it's the models... Caliver books finally delivered the back-ordered Soviet Rifle squad (Westwind) that I've been waiting for since I got my Warlord ruined farm houses.

 I got the whole lot, plus the Flag-Bearer that came with the new Soviet book, done in less than a week. So I obviously just enjoy painting WW2 Soviets! Hmm, I need to figure out what else would have that effect, maybe Sci-Fi figs? Infinity does look kinda cool. Anyway, here they are. Can anyone spot the Flamethrower?

How about now? The Soviets liked to disguise their man-packed versions with a 'gun' that made the bearer look quite a lot like a rifleman... until you see he's carrying fuel tanks on his back. I've got a multi-player game on this after-noon. Somehow I am teamed up with a Japanese platoon vs ze Germans and Hungarians. Makes complete sense.


  1. Ah our trusty Japanese allies, they're great.
    Cool minis mate!
    I didn't spot him, your flamethrower that is, but my sniper team did. ;-)

  2. Sneaky Soviets, disguising their flamethrowers.
    The flag bearer looks good too.

  3. Thanks guys - yes disguising the flamethrower is suitably sneaky for the Soviets (when they weren`t just using them en masse) and yes, Adam, there is no hiding from that bullet in this game. He got one-shotted (and not even by a sniper) earlier this afternoon too. Heck of a christening for the new model.

    I think I might use the flag as part of the HQ as kommisars don't really fit with my army of vets.