Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Bolt Action: Soviet Mech Recon (and Hobbit prices!)

No gaming for me, this week. However, I did do two gaming related things: 1. Acquire and assemble this totally sweet 1/48 Tamiya Universal Carrier and 2. followup on the upcoming Hobbit related wargaming releases from Games Workshop. Firstly: The Hobbit Premiers this Thursday night here in NZ (renamed again to Middle Earth, for the duration) and us Hoi Polloi get to go see it a couple of weeks later. My lovely wife has just booked us in to go see it in 3D on the Saturday because I am now an actual worker with three kids and can't just get tanked and go see the midnight first screening like Fellowship of the Ring, 'back in the day'. Anyway here in the home of Middle Earth Gaming, I thought I'd check out the new Middle Earth gaming. Turns out the joke is on me. 
Here is the Limited Edition Hobbit game box. It's pretty cool, has some rules, 56 Miniatures, including the Dwarves, Bilbo and Gandalf, and some scenery. I'd pay the 75 pund asking price for that. Sure it's slightly over $150 NZD approx, I say slightly as I pretend the remainder doesn't exist so as to justify my 'habit'. Anyway I'm obviously pretty hyped about getting some of my favourite setting as a wargame set.
 Or I can buy four 25-28mm scale miniatures for 45 pounds (so slightly over $90 NZD). Ok Steep but the Gandalf Mini is cool. Probably not for me but I can see painters getting it.

 These three lumps of mish-shapen clay, no doubt crafted by the designer's kids as a primary school project, will set you back a mean 50 pounds (so approx slightly over $100 NZD)

Heh. As if I'm allowed to pay those prices though. I get to pay NZD $245 for that box set; NZD $145 for those four characters and NZD $165 for the mishapen lumps of clay! Sure. I guess I'm not their target market then!

Moving right along (because what else is there to say but that I can see myself using another range to do an Orc army instead, or something) I have been having more fun getting together my collection of similar scaled figs from another UK manufacturer that is still cool with taking my money for their goods and services. Well the five infantry are Artizan.

The Universal Carrier is Tamiya (bought in a local NZ shop, since they aren't trying to play games with the exchange rate).

I'm a big fan of Soviet mechanised recon - and have fielded them in a variety of forms since the old Motosikel Rota from V1 FOW days. Here they are as a section of five with their transport. I'm not sure how 'effective' this option is but the idea of having the lighter WW2 vehicles (as well as things like 2cm flak a la Saving Private Ryan) in play is what attracted me to WW2 skirmish.

Here is one boringly with the infantry in usual infantry kit. I much prefer the Camo Smocks (a vice acquired from the original FOW lists, which was based on Spetsnaz riding motorcycles!) and now field them at any excuse.

Hoping I get some space for gaming (Middle Earth, or otherwise) soon! 


  1. Wow. I think they've screwed themselves over with that price point. Dreadfleet was similarly priced, and it flopped because of it.

    How viable is it to use a mail fowarding service to order at UK prices?

  2. The Carrier and the infantry look really good.

    I also saw the Hobbit miniatures today and was similarly unimpressed the trolls and the Goblins are hideous although the Orcs look pretty good. Instead of getting me excited for the Miniatures I started worrying that that is what the trolls and Goblins might look like in the movie.

  3. @Than, I think many Warhammer players in NZ are now set up as you say. However, it's less of an appealing idea if you just wanted one or two GW products. The price is..... interesting. To be honest I'd pay the UK list price for that box set. It's a lot of my wargaming pocket money lol but Josh and I would love it.

    @Sean, much appreciated. Yes the concern has been pretty widespread re: the style. FWIW I think it works given the fairytale style of the Hobbit but I am, like you, a little uncertain how well it's going to work when I see it on screen. It may prove to be an aquired taste.

  4. Cool infantry and carrier, like the camo!

  5. Like the UC and of course dig the Spetsnaz!
    1/48th looks pretty damn good actually. Looking for 1/55th stuff is brain numbing...

  6. I have nominated your blog for Leibster Award doing the rounds. Keep up the good work. Norman

  7. @pcjohnstone, thanks - glad my ramblings are somewhat readable!

    @ bikewrench. My current theory is 1/48 for smaller things / open topped things and maybe 28 mm resin (1/56? allegedly) for tanks. I read a guys blogpost where he pointed out how chunky 28mm figs are. About as tall as a 1/48 fig though the base muddles that and way more fat. So you would have to wonder if they would even fit a 28mm transport! I like how you can easily buy tanks from warlord, with a huge variety, so think I will do that to save my sanity. I got th UC from Acorn models so nice and easy. I recall you have that totally sweet ambhibious supply vehicle? It would be the super transport if armoured and armed with a 50 cal. :-)

  8. The carrier looks cool Jamie.

    I have also nominated you for the award- too slow tohugh ti seems :)


  9. Lol - I think almost anyone who regularly posts now has the award (though I'll bask in the glory of having it twice! :P ) I initially though it a lot like the blogging version of a chain letter but I really like how it is prompting people to highlight some of the blogs they like popping over to read so that others can take a look. I need to get around to doing my bit and doing the same.... if I can find any blogs that I read who haven't had the nod yet.