Friday, October 19, 2012

Flames of War: Conquest 2012.3

Conquest 2012 is tomorrow and I've got the army done on time! I went with a straightfoward pure tank army because 1. it simplified procurement and painting and 2. Stodgy tough inf + armour support armies are grossly over-represented down here. How over-represented? Last year at Conquest, my Tankovy was one of only two proper tank armies (if your 'tanks' only move 8", you are not a tank army) in the entire field at Conquest. Funny thing is - I've often been more comfortable with one of those 'samey' armies myself but I generally feel moved to bring something different so that the mix will be a bit more typical FOW than the odd thing we have going on here. The mold seems to be broken this year though, plenty of cool mobile armies coming to rumble in the desert.So the 15 Panzers of 15 Panzerdivision will have plenty of others to race with.

First up the HQ: CiC Pz III J Late and 2ic Pz IV F1 (Plastic Soldier Company)

First Zug is four of the might Pz IV F2 (aka the Mark IV 'special') (Plastic Soldier Company)

Second Zug is five Pz III, two are J Lates and three are J earlies.(Plastic Soldier Company)

Third Zug is the Recce - four Pz IIF (Zvedka)

Then the air-support - BF-109 as a fighter-bomber. (Zvedka)

This high angle shot is to try and show the air recognition flags. I think I need a bigger/better photo! 

It was a lot of fun getting the army together and I appreciated the motivation provided by the tight time-frame. Newborn baby? Tough! Get it done. Now I have some desert tanks and I've been reading up on this strange new front. They might get converted to Ostfront (and later) Panzers yet though.... Well that's the whole massive army. A quick game is a good game etc. Personally, I don't plan on stopping till I complete my left hook around to the Caucasus, to link up with the no doubt hugely successful spearheads from Operation Case Blue.


  1. Very nice force. How did you do the flags, are they hand painted?

    Best of luck in comp!

    1. Thanks Scott. I tend to crash and burn a bit at Conquest so I need all the luck I can get!

      I just print off paper flags glue them on and touch them up with paint. The key thing is this allows a guide so that I can have them folded etc

    2. Cool, they look great.
      Hope you had fun at the comp.
      I should come done for one, one of these days... but all my FoW stuff is LW or MW Eastern Front (at a push MW Italy too)

    3. Hi Scott, if you came down you could have Fow AND a lotr game vs me :-) While I will note that I broke the mould (got my first fow toys around ten years ago!) and finally got a non Eastern Front army to play this event, people around here often loan out armies. A couple played using borrowed forces. If events are going to be themed, it always takes a little more on the joint effort to make it work.

    4. I'll have to take you up on that some time :-)

  2. Those look really good. That's nice that you were able to do a whole army out of plastic.

  3. Thanks Sean. I was particularly impressed with how good the zvedka stuff was given how few pieces they come in.

    I am really pleased they are adding Brits to the Germans and Soviets.

  4. So. Day one and I've won one 6-1 and lost two 1-6. Turns out all Panzers can be a fragile army. Who knew! Games were all heaps of fun and everyone is approaching things with the right attitude.

  5. Super cool looking Panzers mate!
    I like your racing comment, lol.
    Hope Sunday went better.
    Did you get a chance to panzer swarm it up with an allied tank list?

  6. Less said about Sunday, the better. Ran up against two Sherman lists, that tank with the brit semi-indirect rule is a beast on a flat table vs El Alamein era panzers. 6pdr portees were even more awesome, 24" move!