Friday, October 12, 2012

Flames of War: Conquest 2012.2 Progress

We are getting VERY close to the event itselft now, pretty much one more week left. So the race is on to get those armies completed. Since Chris W has posted up his progress, here is my quick progress note: Done so Far: All the assemblage, base coating, and a wash. 

 Not done so far, detailing on the above OR ANY TERRAIN. Ruh roh.
The final list is below, Dave D has less Pz IV F1s now so I have allowed myself the one. 

Confident Veteran Panzerkompanie (15.) German Mid-War
Platoon Qty Unit Points
Company HQ p.25
Panzer IV E or F1
Panzer III J (late)
Combat Platoons
Panzer Platoon p.25
Panzer III G or H or J (early)
Panzer III J (late)
Panzer Platoon p.25
4 Panzer IV F2 or G 580
Light Panzer Platoon p.25
4 Panzer II F 200
Divisional Support
Air Support p.36
5 Limited Air Support Bf 109E or FW 190F 130
Company Points: 1595

Watch this space, will Jamie get done in time for Conquest?


  1. awesome.

    I'm sure your going to get it done.

    Its a cool list, infantry is for pansies, not Panzers!

    Almost makes me want to get back into FoW. Pity everything I own is late war :(

  2. Definitely aiming for fun over effective.

    Re: mw models: Zvedka

  3. I will stop by to cheer you on mein herr.8P
    You will finish. That list looks fun as hell!

  4. That looks really good Jamie, nice and simple but really effective!

    All plastic too I bet?

    The race to finish is most certainly on, why oh why did I think painting infantry was a good idea?

  5. But will I get terrain done? Will my palm trees arrive from Ebay? lol We'll have to see. Those MDF offcuts haven't done anything since Jason dropped them off last weekend.

    You doing the 'tournament share' thing, Adam?

    All PSC and Zvedka, Chris. I should note that the remaining stuff: a Pz III sprue, five Pz IIs by Zvedka and a Zvedka plane was ordered from PSC Tuesday night and was here by Saturday.

    Pretty impressive service.

  6. Looks good, I think you'll find it very effective Jamie, its a nasty little lsit actually. Lots and lots of firepower and mobility.

    That is good service!

    I wouldn't worry too much about the palm trees though, not a lot round Alamein, I've never seen any in a photo of the battlefields, far too barren. Mine will be staying at home


  7. Might give the terrain idea a miss actually. Was intending to do it this weekend but we had a car accident (everyone is fine, car is not) just before lunch and that has kind of thrown our schedule out lol didnt even get terrain supplies yet.
    Jason just ferried us back from getting charlotte checked out @ emergency.

  8. Sorry to hear that Jamie but glad everyone is okay.