Thursday, August 2, 2012


Finally, SAGA LOTR in action. First clash of arms was Chris P's hastily gathered (his project completion rate is almost... concerning) Men of Minas Tirith vs my own almost completed (my lack of completion, likewise) warband of fearsome Uruk-Hai, with some Orc scum to round out the numbers. We played the most fun scenario of all - kill each other, in the guise of killing our alter-egos on the battlefield.

 Chris had Faramir, Rangers, Knights (hearthguard), and some big units of warriors. He had clearly read the Orc outnumbering ability and came prepared.

I had an Uruk Captain, two big units of warriors, some Uruk Crossbow, Berserkers (of course) and then some mangy Orc Scum.
Minas Tirith got a lot of sixes to start and ended up with 8 dice!
Lord Sarumaaan, the worms of Gondor have wandered into the path of one of our Warbands. Grogguk's boys'll see to them. Now is the time of the Orc!

They are a quick lot though, I have to give 'em that. We had just started a good bellowing, clashing of shields and waving of severed heads when we were interrupted by some Rohan waanabees kicking their horses to the charge.

Of course, in ROTK, the Orcs got a turn too.

I remember hearing about a set-piece like this  one from our cousins out on the East-Side. Gorgguk arranged our crossbow Uruks to wait their turn, then shoot 'em up.

For their stunning breakthrough, the Knights win a 'prize'..

Raargh. The men smashed through before our lads to the front could wind up the crossbows. They 'ad to leg it back after smashing a few of the horses over the 'ead by using the crossbows as clubs. The men looked kind of stunned really. Got quite a chuckle out of t' lads to either side.

Once comfortable, they couldn't be persuaded to leave.

A bit more larfing 'an cacklin was coming from a farmhouse to our left. The Orc Scum had taken up home inside, and was raining down arrows on the Rangers who were trying to sneak arround. Between all the jeering, an the Orc arrows, the Mens' own archers couldn't find any gaps in our armour.

I get good armour saves...

Faramir shared a disgusted look with the observer from Dol Goldur (he's supposed to be on our side!) at the imperviousness of Uruk Armour to all arrows. Not that I could make Faramir out, from where I stood near the  center. Grogguk sent the black-clad boys on our right, fresh from crushing the Knights, in a solid charge against the Minas Tirith left. That did not go as well as planned. So Grogguk marched up, hiding the Berserkers from the enemy so that they wouldn't tear off and charge too soon.

....Minas Tirith gets great battle-board dice.

The Minas Tirith commander, where-ever he was, didn't wait around for us to charge though. I don't know where they get all the energy but the shiney-armoured boys came screaming out at our left. They smashed all the warriors there, took out the big banner, and even saw off the Berserkers.

All there was for it now was to try and see if Grogguk could track the weedy Faramir down and take him out before all the fighting Uruk Hai are slain by the hordes of Gondor.

Unpainted Uruks aren't up to the job...

Gorgguk gets the Uruks to the right to try and link up and finish the Minas Tirith center. But in all the confusion and battle we couldn't get the attack in right.

When we struck, we only knocked off a few more Men than we lost Uruks. When the forces of Mians Tirith Struck.....

To the left, there are a LOT more Gondorians. 

.... There he is, now he stands in front I can make him out. We'll get 'im good now. If Grogguk can just survive another turns, and get lucky. It's him, a few Crossbow boys, the Orcs cheering (or is that Jeering?) to the left and then the legions of Gondor arrayed before us.

They rush up to where we are at the stone wall but are far too many.  Grogguk tries to throw a few Uruks in their way to slow them down so I manage to hang back out of reach.

Time to run.... uh I mean slip the enemy pursuit and report back!

Lots of fun there, even if Isengard did get crushed while the observer from Dol Goldur was there to see. In the end Chris got his attacks timed much better and with the right abilities (once he gave up on the bow, in disgust) and was already starting to get a clear lead by the middle of the game. Then he went after my best troops and got them. Well done but I am going to get the last 12 Uruks painted, so they'll fight better next time! 

This is this week's LOTR installment but work will start on a Dol Goldur Board, for next week. 

Assuming the baby doesn't arrive. 


  1. Your LotR-batreps are good as always not to mention that I am learning quite a few idiomatic expressions here. I shall now take my leave, "larfin' an cacklin".


  2. Cheers Llama. The Uruks were voiced by the same crew that irritated Edmund Wilson. So I think I will have to contract in the 'Red Fortress Ministry of Truth'. To handle any further commentary, I think they did a better job of the Carn Dum reports than the hacks that did this Isengard one.

    The guy I played is somewhat keen on Italian Wars (or perhaps the bit just before) so I may yet have a cool cart with a big cross on it - I've wanted one ever since I saw the one you did for Gondor.

  3. Hehehe! I must admit it has taken me a while to a get a grip on your statements above, I had to use google a little tiny bit. Ministry of Truth made me think of 1984 and Edmund Wilson led me to this great commentary-voice (good old Vlad Nab).

    If you haven't seen the Perrys' wagon I highly recommend you to take a look.

    Have a nice one!

  4. Whoa, comment moderation went a bit crazy there - I definitely will be checking out that Perry's Wagon if I end up doing Venetians. The idea is so nutty that how could you not; and I thought that it made a much better addition to the expanded GW LOTR setting than a lot of the things GW added in.

    The Red Fortress Ministry of Truth remains ever focused on opposing the great lie that is LOTR, and related Westronish Propaganda.

  5. Hey Jamie!
    Congrats by the way...
    I vote SAGA LOTR MORDOR list next...
    I recently acquired some more MT tinmen, Khazad Guards, Rangers, Rohan foot and painted up a cool SAGA army of the Dead lead by Aragorn himself.
    Morranaon orcs all good to go...
    Troll good to go...
    email me and we'll arrange a game... for the fans!
    ;) Andy

  6. Hi Andy - cheers. Will have to get back to work on the LOTR. I was kind of unclear whether you wanted to make the list - because you had some ideas you wanted to have included - or if I am to be making it?

    Poochie owes me a heap more Uruks so the Horde of the White hand grows ever larger. I think they can easily be a big WOTR force too, once I get a hold of them.

    I will email you - had to work this Saturday but think I have clear weekends upcoming.