Saturday, March 24, 2012

SAGA: Propainter's Viking Archers

The 'pro-painter' has been busy and has completed the last of my Viking Archers, originally bought for Ragnar Hairy Pants' warband.

I haven't based these properly, since I have decided to go get some more GF9 magnetic round bases to put them and any future single-based troops on. It does add to the cost of the army but is very useful.

Ragnar's warband is usually composed of warriors and berserkers, with levy archers being too slow and poor in melee to fit their aggressive viking playstyle. So these Levy actually see more action in my Anglo-Danes.

In that list, they provide a useful means of harassing the enemy and are even very useful in melee due to the 'Lords of Battle' ability.

That ability not only grants them extra dice (a proportionately large boost to a small unit of levy) but tends to exhaust or almost exhaust any unit that fights them. So some of my opponents' best troops have ended up stuck and vulnerable after chasing a handful of peasants.


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  2. Hi Annatar, I'm sorry I can't be much help to you. I've asked a mate to try clicking through himself, when logged in to google, to see if he had any issues. I logged out of my account and clicked through that way and it all worked fine. So I am not sure what is causing the issue for you.

  3. Hi Annatar, the other guy couldn't get that 'read more' to work either - when using his i-phone. So I will try to figure out what the issue is.