Thursday, March 22, 2012

Flames of War: Thoughts on V3 roads

Flames of War V3 has made some big changes to the mobility of transports and other light vehicles, like recon. The aim of this (well this and their new magical abilities like the shield spell on recon and the summon at will power on transports) is to give them more of a role in the game.

So in recognition of this, despite being a massive two games into this new edition, I made up a whole new set of roads for my table in order to play the game 'properly'. This is them laid out on the 4'x3' kitchen table. There will be enough for an appropriate amount of roads for somewhere like the Ukraine. I did ten 1' straights, along with a range of shorter bits.

 It is the usual modular deal that people do with their roads. "Why not snow?" you ask, no doubt disappointed - Well the reality is that all these new genres we seem to be getting into every other week (seriously, they just hooked me into 28mm ww2 as well, ffs) mean I need what I make to serve in more climes. Put on a white table, these will be pretty realistic for raised roads, later in the day after a light dusting of snow - ie the snow melts off the roads.

The other relevant V3 consideration is another manifestation of this whole WYSIWYG fixation they've got going: models block the road if destroyed on it. So I feel these roads are properly two tanks wide. They fit and I assume all commanders, if not already going up them double-file, will of course have 'in reality' (like the old reversing into woods thing) have been keeping to one side. So any destroyed models will not block it unless two get knocked out side to side. Consider that 'house-rules', I trust everyone will be cool.

Edit: Adam reminds me it is traditional to actually say how they were made, on a wargaming blog. Nothing too fancy - they are actually made out of foam-board (bought from Warehouse Stationary) that I used because I had it lying around and it of course cuts very easily and is light. That meant I had to edge it with masking tape. The surfacing, is of course 'No more gaps' (or Bostik Fill a Gap) and sand + housepaint. Then scenic stuff, obviously. I actually put 'Magic Wash' on this to see if it would pick out a little more of the detail and make it even more durable - it half worked. Magic Wash can be made from 'Johnson's Klear' in NZ (ie floorwax) in NZ and I put it right over the scenic stuff too. The same job could be done with thinned PVA but I like to hope that the paint wash effect might works, which it did, sorta. The more usual way to make them is with strips of wood, or that railway basing foam that Acorn models does (by woodland scenics), which is precut into lengths. 

 Now the other 'new big thing' is of course lots of new trees. Hope the ebay ones get here soon, so I can get started on them. 

Thanks for reading.


  1. You're making me want to paint a 15mm wizard as my new company commander.

    Regarding terrain, I'd agree if the roads are wide enough two vehicles should be able to pass. V3 having precise definitions of terrain types is good, but terrain pieces vary a lot more than unit models do. You are always going to have to have a quick talk with your opponent pre-game and agree what table terrain pieces map to what game terrain types.

    And if it helps, you can skip the 28mm WWII. Nathan is going to introduce me to some people who can scratch built a 1/64 Nimrod, so all your guys would just get cut to 40mm ribbons anyway. :-P

  2. They look good Jamie, more info on technique? I need some for my table as well.
    [I'll tell you about Ukrainian roads mate!]

    As you know I am down with most if not all of the V3 mods so far.

    After checking out some Pak40's up close I'm assuming they used 'roid raging AT gun crews. 4" movement! lol

  3. I'm sure you will tell me that my roads are perfectly authentic for the Ukraine! :P

    Pak40s are German kit in FOW, lets say no more lol It did used to be only 2" at least but got cover bonuses that other, lower, guns did not...