Monday, March 12, 2012

Epic EA Atreides: Terrain

One more week until I start the new job and must use my time productively. Our lawns are only so big but fortunately Jason texted midday to suggest we play Epic Armageddon.
This was the perfect opportunity to do something with my stalled terrain project from last year. Basically, if I am not playing, I do not progress the terrain. Epic's scale is 1/300 or 6mm so no point making things hyper-detailed as none of us have the eyes to see the details, outside of photos. The game didn't pan out, hopefully tomorrow. The deadline was useful though. Here is what I got done.

First up is the fortified airbase.
Domed habitation blocks. On Arrakis, storms come up that are so big that this whole place might end up buried in sand by the next day. So I have made everything squat, solid, and half buried already.
The tallest building is this vehicle repair and refit shop.
I imagine they have to do lots of regular maintenance to keep something fiddly like a Comm center operational. Perhaps they are new here and still think the effort is worth it, despite the Corriolis storms.
No Arrakis set would be complete without Wind-Traps, here they are on a ridge to catch the tiny amount of moisture in the wind. 


  1. Quality scenery you have there. I have always been a huge Dune fan but never found any system RPG or Table Top that can really carry the books well. Would be interest to see your game report when it takes place.

  2. That is very cool. I too am a long time Dune fan and that is a great job of capturing the Harkonnen/Atreides buildings look for me anyway. The wind trapos are a great touch as well.

  3. Thanks guys.

    Ross, Epic isn't really the best vehicle either. I console myself by at least appreciating that it can do the *video game* setting (Dune and Dune II are classic PC games) well, and leave it at that. 6mm is at least a fun scale to do sci-fi in and I love the little Brigade Miniatiures models.

  4. Terrain was awesome Jamie, my Telexiu monstrosites (GW Orks) loved it. Thanks for the game.

    I really need to look at Harkonnens with Sardukar to do it justice Though! :-)

  5. Yep. Surprise! I am really keen on 6mm sci-fi but we never play it lol.

    The game was indeed fun - but I am going to have to learn skill and tactics, if I am going to play the marine list (as extra skilled Atreides and Fedaykin). They have a lot of abilities but their commander has to use them and you can't just blunder around. I think taking the expensive Fedaykin off the table turn 3, when objectives are checked, was the *pinnacle* (by which of course I mean *nadir*) or my conduct that game. "Here Jason, have a free BTS victory condition."