Monday, February 13, 2012

SAGA Iliad: It's so on.

They say that when they came to persuade Odysseus to come to war, since he seemed to be dragging his feet, he was too preoccupied with his hot wife and new child. So he feigned madness and was only caught out when they put his boy in the sand in front of him, as he pretended to be a lunatic plowing the beaches of Ithaca. Kind of like me actually, though the child is only on the way. But my new army for SAGA Iliad is here! Now I can fight the Trojans and Poochie's Myrmidons (no pics but he has at least a score done). It is priority one but I have hit a snag - I expected the usual Renedra bases but it has none. However, not problems - opportunities!


  1. Oh yes! Cunning Odysseus has decided to enter the fray. This can only be an ill omen for the sons of Troy....

    The Myrmidons of swift footed Achilles are progressing nicely!

  2. And I just overcome the bases snag - Tim had some cool square magnetic bases for me to use. 36 only in a pack but a very good start.

  3. I've sorta seen that in comedy movies but the idea doesn't have the same resonance here, where the equivalent is a variety of 'Socs... are we boring in NZ?

    All the best war-stories and general violence and mayhem (Greek Heroes) that I was exposed to when I learned to read were from Greek Mythology. That and the Old Testament catalog of genocide... perfectly fine to expose to impressionable minds ;)

    This is all reminding me of the look and feel of that tattered clear plastic stuff they used to cover all the books in the primary school library in.