Saturday, January 21, 2012

What I did this afternoon.

The 'Pro Painter' realised before me (from hearing me think out loud yesterday evening), but this was always going to be what I was spending my Saturday afternoon doing. See, I really like the 'Battle for the Ford' mission for SAGA. However, I am playing at Chris' tonight and he lacks for terrain. I don't have rivers either so....

Materials are thin card, some scraps of mdf for the fords, Bostik 'Fill a Gap' (it's flexible), stones from driveway, grey and brown houspaint, blue poster paint from Warehouse and of course stones from driveway.You can see the bendability of the rivers here.
The mission requires that you lay out four foot of river. One foot in the centre, a 4"-6" ford, then another foot plus either side to complete the table.It is a bit of a serious rush job so I will have to go back and tidy it up (as if I'll ever get round to it). I think it turned out good for 4.5 hours 'work.'
Luckily the 'Pro Painter' was out with the kids so didn't see me putting the oven to heavy use quick drying this lot, over and over. I got a lot of good Skyrim in during that downtime. Leveled the new Elven Mage twice. He's at a good point, secondary skills are mid-high, and key magic skills are almost maxed.Looking forward to the game tonight. 


  1. Looks the goods Jamie :)

    Got an old light brown bristle paint brush? They are the goods for reeds...


  2. I don't tend to imagine reeds, when I see rivers.

    When I think Dark Ages - this is what I imagine:


  3. Thanks Craig. I haven't made terrain for a while but should do some more as the key thing is that it look 'about right' but really must focus on being durable.

    I like the ones you are doing for TAG. Good functional terrain.