Sunday, December 11, 2011

Dystopian Wars: Retribution is what's called for.

The weekend's painting: FSS Retribution. Why the name? Heh, it's a complete mystery.
This means I've completed leg II of our painting challenge in time to take on Jason's Prussians on Tuesday. He reckoned there'd be no problems when the timeframe was a week and now it's morphed int tow - so he better be done! lol. I'm pretty pleased with what I have now. I *think* I'm the second (after Poochie) out of our gang of four to get his full 1000+ pt fleet done for a faction.

The extra time (and that ill fated clash with Commodore MacMillan) means I have a little more flexibility in what I take. You can see the full South Pacific Fleet here on approach. 
First up is the new Flag - FSS Retribution. She has sailed south with shield generator already fitted and the engineers assure me she lacks the exposed magazine and Sturginium leaks that so plagued FSS Constitution.
In the fleet, I now have:

One squadron of three Lexinton Class Cruisers (Congress, Virginia & New Orleans)

Three Squadrons of four Augusta Class Frigates (Reuben James, US Grant, Brooklyn & Philippines; Hampton, Mariner, Portsmouth & Cyclops; Tecumseh, Mobile, Wolverine & Astrolabe)

One Squadron of four A-17 Class Super-Bombers

Lastly, Two Independence class Battleships (Constitution & Retribution)

Will this be enough firepower though to foot it in the Coral Sea though? The MI boys tell me that even more hulls of the Dreadnaught class sail as we speak....


  1. I love watching this power mad escalation carry on!

  2. It's pretty funny really, in a funny gamer way.

    More stuff has arrived for me too but I think that that might be it for now.

    Other projects need attention!