Sunday, November 13, 2011

Last FSA ship done, for now. Back to my usual role in the production line.

Here She is, the last ship to launch in the FSA South Pacfic Fleet: FSS Constitution. 

I love the FSA style, low decks, heaps of gun turrets and then a relatively small number of main gun turrets. I've modelled Constitution with rocket batteries to make a change from the cruisers but I think I'll give her a shield generator as well. More on why, below.
That's all the ships in the the box done then and until reinforcements arrive for my small battlegroup (Pooch and Kruger both have the models for two faction's worth of fleets, each!) I get to go back into assembling and away from painting.
I gave Pooch a game earlier today, with a little of the pain still wet on my Battleship. I think my lot were the "dark shapes, looming on the horizon." from the end of his report vs the Empire of the Blazing Sun. Indeed, I started pretty well, with some good runs of dice getting me out ahead at the beginning.

Then things took a turn for the worse: Two dice of Battleship AA became five hits. to down my last bomber, then Pooch's last bomber just would not die, while doing 'donuts' behind my fleet and attriting my battleship, which was unable to knock out the Brittanian battleship. I also got to see Brittanian subs in action, subs which cut through the hulls of ships as they sail underneath. They were pretty effective vs frigates and cruisers but one died from trying to pull that trick on my battleship. At the end of it all, it was a big mess.  However, I ran out of models before him so the Brittianians have stretched their winning streak to two games. FSA industry just rolls these things off the slipways though, we'll be back!


  1. Hi Jamie,

    I didn't like the look of these to start but now they have grown on me, and I love your paint scheme.

    Hull ripper subs are Nasty...who can't love the Chainsaw sub though?

    We will need to get our tiny flyers sorted.

  2. Paddle steamers look awesome Jamie, thanks for the brutal game!

    Jas and I had a sneaky game last night, his rolling was absolutely absurd (9 6's out of 10 dice?) so it totally evened out against me....

    Looking forward to seeing them again across the oceans...

  3. Cheers guys, DW is fun and I can't wait to get more stuff - stupid priorities.

    You just have to laugh about the dice in this game. Sort of like Impetvs really, roll with it each turn and you end up with a crazy mess in the middle of the field.

  4. They are looking great Jamie- fantastic colour scheme

  5. Cool stuff, really dig the rocket launchers and color scheme.
    As in the formation papers of our defeated rivals?
    New Constitution, Our Constituion, Morning Constitutional...;-)

  6. Cheers Adam, I had a lot of fun painting them. I hate painting men/horses but love tanks/ships/planes.

    Re: Constitution, no doubt (in alternate history world, nothing to do with actual history world) the South were the authentic defenders of USA's foundational ideals? That and it is one of my favourite US ship names from various works of fiction!