Monday, November 7, 2011

Challenge Completed: Dytopian Wars fleet

All Done: Everything bar the Battleship and the small-flyer tokens is now complete so I've met the painting challenge in time for a game tomorrow. It is rumoured that my opponent will have 'stealth' planes but at least it look the rest of his EoBS stuff has paint on it too, so we've done well to make sure it happens inside a week.
These A-17 Bombers are widely held to be the worst possible choice out of the FSA medium flyers but I like them and want more.
The little Augusta class frigates are pretty cool looking too but I am not sure it their designer read the rules before putting two separate turrets on them as that configuration dramatically lowers their dice vs just having them all lumped together. 
We are just playing with what we've got (stealth paint counts...) done tomorrow so I'll have the full nine frigates in squadrons of three. However, going forward, I expect to run them in two lots of four instead.
Here is the full FSA South Pacific fleet (minus the big Capitals). I've got one more ship, the Enterprise Class battleship to get done. I think I need a rest from painting little metal details though!


  1. Very nice fleet there, I like the understated colour scheme.

    Yeah, the FSA Bombers suck, but at least they look dangerous.

  2. Cheers.

    I wasn't sure at first (it was basically a matter of not getting Prussians and not liking the EoBS Cruiser) but the FSA ship design has really grown on me and I'm looking forward to getting more.

  3. Nicely done! I recently finished my FSA force (actually Confederate for our local group) and my colour scheme is much more raucous (tacky) than yours!



    PS: The FSA Dreadnought is a real beast!

  4. Cheers Curt,

    I had a look at your blog. Dystopian Wars on Mars - Genius! We may yet steal that idea!

    We had our clash and it was actually kinda cool with the smaller ships so a campaign with varying levels of engagement shows real promise as a format. At this points level, the bombers were roaming platforms of death! So I guess they are only a relatively poor choice rather than a poor choice?