Thursday, November 3, 2011

Challenge accepted: DW Lexington Class Cruisers

Kruger has picked up some EoBS ships from the 'Bring and Buy' at Conquest, since he couldn't wait for his Prussian stuff to arrive. His next bright idea was that we paint up our cruisers, flying fortresses and frigates and play a game on Monday evening. None of my stuff was anywhere near ready but he is playing Pooch the night before that too so I get a night more than he does!
So here they are so far: Three FSA Lexington Class Cruisers. Since Kruger muttered something about 'rocket spam', I've gone for shield generators for now.
 Next up are the nine frigates! I guess I should just count myself lucky he didn't but a Battleship (or worse, a skyfortress) because while he absolutely could get that done in time.... I am a little slower. 


  1. Looking really good Jamie!

    My stuff is only half you are streaks ahead of me.

    On the upside the frigates are very small, so shouldn't be too hard to get done :)

    So I shall have the rocket spam and you wont die...intersting.

  2. Cheer Jason, I've decided I quite like DW models.

    It could all be an elaborate trap and they will arrive at your place festooned with rockets! Or not.

  3. Meh, Rockets are ok...good but not great IMO (after my two games tonight vs Pooch)

    Im interested to see how the Bombers Fair though!