Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The Terror of Arnor

GW made up a creature for their LOTR games, some kind of giant vampire/stunted Balrog mishmash. With the demise of 'Rest of World' shipping from UK webstores, I was never going to be picking it up from GW anyway. So I reckon a small Dragon, left up in the cold North somewhere and found by the Witch-King's minions, fits the bill better.

While skipping out on the kids a little bit, the 'Pro-Painter' and I stopped into a store in the mall and I picked up this. In WOTR he is a pretty cool monster. Sure he dies horribly to some spells, especially since he is a 'spirit'. On the other hand, he fly, is terrifying and makes every fight a Heroic Fight. And the idea is fun.,
This month's interesting painting challenge (last month Sospill and Anonymous won it) is to pick A. what they heck the model is/is made out of and B. what I'd have paid for it in $NZD. No, answering "did they pay you to take it off their hands" is neither clever nor original.


  1. I think its an ornamental dragon from somewhere like Gypsy's



  2. That's a pretty impressive round two comeback there, Jason.

    Right location and within 20% of the correct price too. I guess, despite how 'camouflaged' the ones in store would be, the horns and base are a dead giveaway?

  3. It was actually the comment that "it came with the moulded base" that gave it away, so I had extra information :)

    Damm good idea. I am always on the lookout for cheap alternatives...much to my wifes despair!

  4. Local knowledge gets the goods everytime.;-)