Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Market Garden @ The Cavs II: More reports from the front.

The commander of 6th FJ has added his experiences here.
Sperbervande Harzer (Oosterbeek)
Adam as onlooker.

And Maj Gen Maxwell Taylor (Martin W) leading 101st Airborne, which was so amusing I am cross-posting it. I was a little far from the action but who commanded 30 Corps?

Report of Operation Market Garden
Sender: Major General Maxwell Taylor
Recipients: SHAEF


US 101st Airborne Division under Major General Maxwell Taylor landing north of Eindhoven to capture the bridges over the River Aa, Willems Canal, River Dommel (St Oedenrode) and Wilhelmina Canal (Son) and then going on to capture Eindhoven.


101st Airborne capture all objectives set and open road within 4 hours of Z time.


Due to uncoordinated British armour use, and a desire to engage small pockets of resistance, losing sight of the bigger picture, unnecessary casualties were received by all Airborne units, both American and British.
It was 6 hours from start time before British armour was sighted along the road and another 3 hours before they reached the lines held by 101st.

Disciplinary action required against XXX Corp command.

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