Thursday, October 27, 2011

Indecision 2011, the People's Choice: Morally Bankrupt Tankovy

 Here they are, the people's choice for 2011. A slightly modernised version with a fancy commander that on closer examination has a lot of retreads from previous model runs in the lineup.The entire front row has turrets from original model T-34/85s on new model hulls with a little painted added to get them to match my simple camo scheme.

The list, as determined by the people, is:

HQ T-34/85
8 T-34/85 w tankos
10 T-34/85 w Cupholders (though they aren't really modeled so may not worry about it.
3 BA-64 recon
4 SU-100

Here you can see my 'SU-100s'. In my defense (and it always cracks me up when people complain about BF packing issues these days) the first BF models I ever bought were two T-34s. One was a T-34/85 with a 76mm barrel... then I bought some alleged SU-85s but they were a funny mix of hulls and barrels. So somewhere in that four is at least one authentic original model SU-100 (not that it looks much like the current one!) but the barrel and hull are probably not connected to each other....

Just in case Conquest prompts an over-abundance of seriousness, I've even labelled them lol.

I am already missing tried and true H&S Tankovy and this may be the one and only time I ever run the ROH version.

For the Motherland!

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