Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The Dystopian Wars heat up in Christchurch

Than's Prussians (Austro-Hungarians!) have arrived and he has joined the local node of the blogosphere here:

According to their map, we are in the Kingdom of Britannia in 1870, so technically I guess Pooch has the home-field advantage. However, Kruger and Than also intend to get Prussian Fleets and I will be leading the FSA South Pacific forces to expand our holdings here.

And my brand new fleet arrived for me today. Very cool. However, my forces are as yet more limited than my enemies.

I decided to just get the rulebook (though I think I need a deck of cards for it too?) and the FSA starter fleet, since the other two factions that I liked - Brittannia and Prussia - were already taken. Had I seen the awesome new Antarctic faction flyer, I probably would have got them instead. Still, I love the paddle-steamers and my 'master-plan' is to get the Russians as the OPFOR, when they finally come out. 
 Here is what you get in the starter set:
Independence class Battleship: 170pts
Three Lexington class Cruisers: 180pts
Four Augusta Class Frigates: 100pts
Four Augusta Class Frigates: 100pts (so one spare)
Two A-17 Bombers: 110 pts
Ten 'free' (ie both sides get them for no added cost) Flyer tokens (the squares)
So there is 660 pts there. Alright for a starting game but I guess I will be 'forced' to buy more of these cool models for a standard 800-1000pt game. 
I reckon Spartan Games have done a great job on the details here. Overall the range is pretty cool but not quite enough of what I want is released yet. Jason went and bought one of everything, and two battleships, for his Prussians. That means he gets the awesome Zeppelin with the aircraft carrier deck on top - Chris Ws' wife is on record (I have other witnesses!) that she'd paint thing like that, if Chris got them lol. I just hope some sort of crazy flying aircraft carrier comes out for the FSA by Christmas. If not, I guess it is flying robots with guns for hands.


  1. Yay for new toys. :)

    I wouldnt be too concerned about getting the card deck. While its quirky apparently it can be a bit unbalanced.

    Alas my stuff is all on back order, but at least you and Pooch will be able to play.

    How does the Pro Painting Service feel about painting ships?

  2. Don't worry, mine went on BO too and I think they must have just hit quite high demand through a combination of Spartan doing increased volumes from DW and Maelstrom having a sale. They weren't on BO for long.

    The ships are all mine to paint!