Tuesday, September 13, 2011

One of these things is not like the other.

One of these things is not like the other, one of these things... is not painted by the pro-painting service. But which? Incorrect (or absent, she knows you all read this blog) answers may earn a frosty reception next time you drop by. Hehehe.

I've got the three western Wizards (Radagast, Saruman before he lost it, Gandalf) now and am pondering which models to make the other two from.

As to the question - choose wisely.


  1. Professional painting? Erm... well, not sure what to say, though I guess anyone could be called a professional if they are paid for the work they do...?
    Is there a clue in that one has an unpainted base? ;-)

    At the end of the day, if you are putting painted figs on the table, you get my approval. I'm not a fan of bare metal/plastic, though accepts its necessary sometime if say trying out new games / rules...

  2. I think that your pro paint service did the two on the left.
    Bases are consistant.;-)
    They all look good!

  3. Scott, two are definitely painted by a pro - one isn't. As to what counts as a pro in my neck of the wood, the blog post tag might give some clues. :)

    If I comment on the base issue it would give the game away so you can all have fun with "does he think that we will think? Or does he know that we will know that he thinks we will think..." and so on in relation to them.

    Thanks for your answer Adam - and your praise which I get to enjoy 1/3 of lol I note, Chris and Jason, that he has been brave enough to venture an opinion...

  4. I should say it's Saruman. He just looks a bit less nice than the other two...

    For the Blue Wizards, use an Alternate Gandalf the Grey and a Gandalf the White (Alternate Saruman would do the job as well)

  5. I think the one in the middle was painted by Jamie. He looks like he is wearing cow camo :)

  6. Jamie Painted Gandalf, its the skin transitions that are the give away.

    Wish I had a "pro painting service" :P

    You may have most of the Istari...but I prefer the Beige Wizard to this bunch of upstarts!

  7. Well the right answer is Chris, you are spot on :D. Jamie has quite a cartoonish way of painting, with high contrast and yes Anonymous he is NOT very tidy!. tut tut Kruger.
    signed "pro painting service"

  8. With the different skin tone, I too was going to guess Gandalf the Grey. As for the other two wizards, what about using the "Sharkey" Saruman model that came in the 'Scouring of the Shire' box set?