Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Conquest 2011 redux

Well the event is drawing closer and I've been thinking a bit on what I'd take so I can follow rule number one and actually practice a little since I am a bit rusty with FOW.Besides, most of the fun for me is our collective list-discussion before FOW events. We've never been a group to think we have a 'secret weapon' to spring on an event. It's all been done before.

Complex Rota Razvedki are totally out the window now. Too fragile by half. Non-complex Rota could work but I don't really have the stuff to do what I'd like at 1750. Instead, my Soviet mobile force itch has been somewhat scratched by the idea of just going with the flow (ie what is already painted) and running good old Hammer and Sickle Tankovy. THe other serious contender is tried and true Grenadiers.

List might be something like this:
3x M17 SPAA

10 x T-34s, five with 85mm
8x T-34, five with 85mm and 'I' take over one tank.

Spetsnaz with one squad only
4 SU-100 Tank-killers with tankos

1. Already painted
2. I like Tankovy, always have, and it's the force I started FOW with. The army includes two of the first three Battlefront models (the third is an old style T-34/76, which I believe is currently in my son's possession) I ever bought.
3. I am told I look like the picture of pretend-Dedov. Since he is pretend anyway, lets pretend he is me.
4. Earthquake brain (see above point) means I probably should stick to something simple.
5. I have a feeling there will be a lot of Axis armies so the balance needs to be evened up.

1. Negative vibes. War-games are serious business.
2. I feel like I should run some infantry this year.
3. I am not going to enjoy some of the specific missions/tables there. Oh well, a short game is a good game.

Enemy aircraft used to be a con, but then I realised that the M17s were actually costed just for themselves, not as an upgrade after already buying DsHK AA. So now they are a 'Pro', since I've loved the 'Meatchopper' (cool name, eh?) ever since we used to game WW2 in primary school using 1/72 + 1/76 kits.

If I were to go infantry, I think the Grenadiers might be the way. They are as ideosyncratic in their paint-scheme as anything I do but seem to be just normal enough to pass muster. They even got two votes for best painted in Conquest 2007! Sure that was due to the people in question being not so interested in technical skill, but they look less-awful than the armour support and basing for my Strelk does.
So it would be something like:
HQ CiC + 2iC Pk
2x8cm Mortars

3 Squad Grens with Panzerfaust
2 Squad Grens with Panzerknacker
3 Pak40s
3 Squad Black Pioneers
4 StuGs or Pz IVs
4 Brummbars
3 Panzerwerfers w Loaders
Sporadic Gun Stukas

1. Also already painted, though would have to purchase and paint some Brummbars.
2. Infantry. Or is that "Infantry"?
3. Patented Cow Pattern camo sceheme.
4. Has a bit of everything.
5. I like 'cheap veterans'
6. Infantry are wearing greatcoats.

1. Probably still negative vibes. Wargames are serious business etc etc.
2. I expect lots of Axis players.
3. Last time I took these guys to Conquest I got creamed.

The other serious option was, and still may be, Strelkovy. However, the thought of stripping an repainting flametanks isn't that appealing right now and I can't quite face it. Who knows, plenty of time to run yet and things may be different.



  1. I like that Soviet force- heavy hitting but not an uber list.

    re: Grenadiers- I'd take marders (my most useful tank hunter most of the time) but with fortifications and city tables brummbars will be useful.

    I'm going Germans this year and am trying to sort out between:

    Sperr- built around an armoured pioneer platoon in support- just because!
    Panzer Lehr panzer grenadiers- soemthing random and different
    Some panzerpioneers

    Too many fun options- trying to squeeze all the crazy things into one list is the problem but probably leaning towards 1 or 2- I'll post some ideas on my blog soon

  2. Thanks Craig - I think you are right about the 'bunker buster'.

    I am a little concerned with how a Tankovy might perform vs fortifications. A hardened Pak 40 bunker is a good deal and if it were in the wrong place for me there would be almost nothing I could do about it.

    By the way, did you see that EI$ ammendments to the rules have been posted for Impetvs?