Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Conquest Flames of War 2011

It seems likely that Conquest will be 1750 LW this year. For whatever reason, I am actually pretty excited about the event this year. I haven't been so keen on it since I first attended in 2007. I was positively NOT keen on it last year and only ended up playing (though I won, heh) when my wife pointed out that she and the kids were off for the weekend and I probably wasn't going to be doing anything better on short notice. Hash, but accurate.

This year, I am banging on the Conquest FOW drum early. I've already been annoying Chris and Jason with list talk. My thinking is that it is quite likely this with be a 'Christchurch event'. These seem to evidence: 1. a pathological hatred of armoured forces, which expresses itself in oddly difficult terrain. 2. Quite a high incidence of 'default' German coys. You know, some sort of Panzer/Pioneer with the Panthers in there. Now perversely, the outcome of the too difficult terrain is to actually make things easier rather than harder for Soviets in most matchups... unless they hit Panthers, with flanks protected by flamethrower toting Pioneers.

 So - I figure I could go three ways:
1. If you can't beat them, join them. Anyway, I played Soviets last year, so it is the German's turn)
A list for them might be something very similar to what I took in 2007, with the addition of Brummbars (since Tim/Steve think an extra 250pts is a good idea)

HQ CiC & 2iC PK
2x Gren Plt with PFaust
Full 'Black' Pioneers
3x Pak 40 w Tows
3x Pazerwerfers w Loaders
2x Tiger 1e
4x Brummbars

2. Or BF have bought out a cool new pdf allowing Soviets to field SU-100s in all lists.
Rota Razvedki
Hq CiC &2ic
2x Razvedki platoons (in captured HTs)
3x82mm mortars
5xT-34/85 (CT) w Kommissar Dedov
3x Decoy Panthers
4x SU-100 w Tankos.

3. Or How about with simpler Tankovy, since I have already all painted up?
I did H&S last time but could do ROH this time.
Something like:
HQ T-34/85
8xT-34/85 w Tankos
4xSU-100 (notice a theme, yet?)

Or, given that its three months to go, I may have to revise those plans in the face of 'testing' at the hands of others!


  1. Ouch, I may have to stay home with my 'nerfed' Yanks.
    Your rules commissar is strong.
    [18x 7 front armor!]

    Sooo, a pile of Ami C-V infantry, AT guns, priority air, 4.2" mortars, 105's, AOP...
    and Stuarts! [always]

  2. Hi Adam,

    There is still time! Lobby Stephen S for MW... or at least 1500pts and put an end to the madness! :)

    That stated, I'm only bringing T-34s along if somehow I manage to make it through the next three months with some shred of dignity intact while Chris W and Jason have a few goes at me using Panzer-Regiment Bake/or whatever else they come up with. The other two options are much more likely.

  3. Funny I've never thought of CHCH terrain as over the top and it has seemed reasonably fair to both infantry and armoured forces- they key is to make terrain interesting and varied! After all your Soviets armoured force own last year and my US para force came 2nd

    I think I'll be passing this year (after playing FoW is all Conquests up to now)- LW does not inspire me at all these days.

    If I was you I wouldn't take the tankovy- its a bit of a no-brainer. Take something more interesting to use and more interesting to play against!

    I look forward to seeing how your ideas develop.


  4. Hi Craig,

    Last year wasn't too bad but the year before was horrible, for me. I went every second table and almost every second table was a total nightmare - Bocage, then Assault against bunkers protecting a river on a proper Winter table, then BtA (iirc), then City Fight, then Hurgtgen forest. So yes, 'reasonably fair' (ie some mix of what is favoured) would have been an improvement! One local, who has since moved away, was there helping set up another year and said some there were going around specifically designing the tables to be anti-armour. Its not a matter of density, more about the paths and linear blocks. The right sort of dense is very helpful. Part of what I am saying - that terrain specifically designed to hamper tanks can be surprisingly friendly to Tankovy - was borne out by the Hurtgen forest table. So best plan accordingly.

    LW doesn't totally inspire me either but I got my wish in terms of a new Umpire so I am going to be positive about Conquest this year. Jason and Chris W seem keen too.

    I don't think Tankovy is a no-brainer. Chris pretty quickly worked out how to reliably stomp on it - it is an easy job for German mech/armour, especially when you add in air with guns.

    I expect a lot of painful lessons to develop my ideas lol

  5. I have also chosen to not play FOW at conquest. After last years non-advertising and the year before's poor table design I would rather just play an easy, relaxed game of toy soldiers with silly hats.
    Interesting armies also make a tournament and I see more variety in the lists fielded up north and down in Southcon. Panthers, Brumbars, Dedov with his T34/85 buddies are all boring and turn the game into a dice rolling fest.
    Where are the fun forces?

  6. This is the first FOW event on my rotation since last year, having just done an even with even sillier hats than Naps have, last weekend. Its good to cycle through the game systems, keeps things fresh.

    Speaking of which, I've seen those lines about LW armies a few times already - new script needed!

    Saw the Fathers' day displays in the Warewhare today and that, coupled with the plunging US $ might be a good opportunity to score some ZIS-3s, since I was unable to get them locally when I tried last year. CT Strelk is the king of LW. They can't even be bored to death, they've heard it all before, and they keep going forward.

  7. Cav is fun.

  8. Gave the CT Strelk a run vs Jason's Panzerkompanie last night in FFA.

    It reinforced why I like CT Strelk so here's hoping Warweb come to the party.

    I ran the full GOW but am considering gving up the double-width because with another tweak I can get two more "light tanks", and like my "light tanks". Realistically, it is hard to avoif losing some of your trained guns and so the double-width but it was pretty amusing to nail one Panzerwerger at 40" range and so rob Jason of his!

  9. In addition to Adam's linkwhoring (but no Conquest list!), Chris has picked himself up, dusted himself off and begun musing: