Monday, July 25, 2011

Stuck inside, Christchurchians just can't handle snow!

Well, since we are all shut up, since a little snow shuts everything down here (not that I'm complaining!), today is a day to tackle modelling projects. Here he is, as tall as the six year old. Given the interval between proper snowfalls in Christchurch, the last hit when the boy was threeish months old, he'll be up to building his even taller 1:1 scale model the next time around! But, I've been focusing on the serious issues of the war-gaming world as well. Yes. Basing. 

Issue 284 of Wargames Illustrated (slow, I know, the local didn't get this in for ages and I ended up borrowing Stephen's) features TYW. So that's me back on the Baroque Impetvs bandwagon. Now the problem we had is the age old one, how to base? Above you see the way the rules author would like to do it: Three times DBR/FOGR elements.Forgive the roughly based examples, I just threw some spare foot on extra pieces of wood to try and get a handle on how they might look. 
Originally, I had planned to go with mixed Pike & Shotte bases using the 'proper' 12cm 28mm Impetvs frontage. Since we usually do 8cm for 28mm, I reckoned this would work alright. However, I keep looking at shots like this:
Look at that beautiful long firing line. I'm considering doing Swedes (Imperials had the cooler uniforms but Swedes can use my Scots and save me repainting the sashes on my Cuirassiers) anyway, and they were all about the firing line over the Tercio block. So I almost wonder if rather than having 12cm as the default, the first pic with three x 6cm might be the better way to go?
 I think the proper frontages work for Cavalry. Here are CP and CL. I think the CP actually looks better with just one more fig and 4cm more frontage than my packed 8cm CP bases with four on them.
The other way to go would be to compromise and do both, with some combination of 12cm bases of Pike& Shotte, with a spacer base off the side.

What do people reckon? Answers on the back of an envelope please.

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