Sunday, July 10, 2011

The next big thing: 6mm Atriedes using Epic Armageddon

The new project is some 6mm Sci-fi. In Christchurch, Epci Armageddon is a pretty popular game with a fair few regular players and the last local comp they ran for it got eight players, which is not bad for what is supposed to be one of GW's sideline games. I'd love to get that regularly for WOTR here! Since I am not especially enamoured with GW's pretty derivative universe, I decided to (somewhat) model my army on the Dune Universe, with a heavy emphasis on how it appears in one of the better PC/Megadrive games of all time: Dune II.

This is from a later version but is a good primer on House Atreides. The original version (you'll need Dosbox these days) is more fun that the 2000 version though!

So I will have elite Atriedes infantry, with a range of armoured support, a heap of Ornithopters, and some Fedaykin to strike fear into the heart of the enemy. No sand worms though. Out of the available lists - this seemed closest to Space Marines, so I went with them.
From Jul 10, 2011

Here is the full lot. I've done up enough infantry for two Tactical formations, two Devastator formations, two Fedaykin (Terminator) formations and one Scout formation. The infantry figures are mainly Steel Crown 'Guild legionaries' and the Fedaykin are their 'Shadow Knights' (they have cloaks and melee weapons).  The armour and air figures are all Brigade Miniatures. I've modeled up ten of their Neo-Soviet APCs, five as Razorbacks and five as Rhinos. Then I have four each of their MBTs (Predators), MRLs (Whirlwinds) and three SPAA (Hunter AA), there is also a single big-tank in there. I am going to use that tank for a Dune II Siege Tank and it looks like the list will let me add a single one to a Devastator formation as a Landraider. So I have more than enough for 3000 and get a few choices at that points level.
From Jul 10, 2011

But it is not Atreides without the Air power! Ten Ornithopters (Marine Landspeeders) and two Carryalls (Marine Thunderhawks). The Thunderhawks are a little small but the Ornithopters are much larger and keeping units of five out of LOS is going to be interesting!

I've got a game on Monday, vs Jason's Orks, very much looking forward to it.


  1. Yay for more little, little mens :)

    They look super cool and now that I see them all built they really suit.

    Looking forward to using my giant "kustom" Ork monstrosites vs them. Perhaps they could be a Tilexu (sp?) breeding project gone horribly wrong...

  2. Orks as a Tleilaxu experiment? Genius.

    They do really suit. I like the 'Carryalls', apart from their size. They were still the best 6mm model I could see on the net for them though. Those Ornithopters are absolutely perfect.