Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Tempest 2011 - WOTR

Hi everyone. Tempest, the Chch Cavaliers laid-back one-dayer, is planned for 30 July Saturday at the Shirley St Alban's club.

It will be a $15 entry fee for a one day event, funds raised are to go to Canterbury Child Cancer. There will be additional collection buckets there on the day. The committee decided to go with this as a charity event because we are aware that some quite important charities have actually experienced funding cuts, at a time that we as a region are struggling. So we see this as both a way to have some good fun and also contribute to a worthy cause.

War of the Ring will be played with three games over the course of the day, combining a mix of the deployment options and victory conditions:

Game 1: 'Maelstrom of Battle' and 'Seize the Prize', with Kingslayer VPs tracked. That should wake us all up :lol:
Game 2: 'Battle for the Pass' and 'High Ground' (King of the hill!), with Kingslayer VPs tracked.
Game 3: 'Shieldwalls' and 'Kingslayer'

- note that in all cases VPs will be awarded for enemy commanders (highest pts cost hero) and heroes, along with destroyed companies/monsters but NOT for banners. If you've already paid the high cost for a banner, you don't deserve to be doubly penalised.

At the end of the event, the player with the highest VP total gets to be the winner. The aim of the game is not to have cut-throat competition, it is to have three fun and competitive games, a few laughs (or muted winces) when the dice don't go our way, and see who ends up on top. :)

Since this is a GW game, I have some (slight) composition guidelines, see here.
Armies will be built using a maximum of 1000pts. The composition guidelines for this restrict most of the Epic heroes and extremely hard-to-kill monsters to one per army. Some of the less-useful Epic heroes, not to mention legendary formations, will now have a use, since you can take more of them in the army. 'Will of Iron' rolls will now work on a 3+, not a 4+

Lastly, we'd love to see more WoTR gamers come along. There are at least a couple of 1000 pt armies available to those who would like to play but do not have enough LOTR miniatures for WoTR.

Any questions and lists may be sent to me (Jamie)

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