Saturday, June 11, 2011

BFG Starwars: Chiss Campaign - Battle of Norporar

 My Emperor, the campaign to pacify Chiss space goes well. We now control four worlds, all either significant population centres or key industrial worlds. Group-Captain Pallaeon has elected to form two battle-groups, one each around the ISDs Dominion (his flag) and Monitor. While Monitor continued to extend the reach of the Imperial Order around the key world of Csilla, Pallaeon took Dominion and a heavy fleet escort to Narporar, as Imperial Intelligence had pinpointed Chiss reactionaries mobilising to the core-ward flank.
 The Dominion emerged from Hyperspace to be confronted by an ominous sight: A Chiss Battleship (Chaos Desolator Class) and four supporting Chiss Carriers (Chaos Devastation Class). Worse, two of the carriers were equipped for planetary extermination. Worse the Old Republic Dreadnought Gauntlet, Light ISD Vengeance and three Nebulon Bs are away from the planet, on patrols.

 Turn 1 Empire: The Imperial defenses are bolstered by a minefield covering the gap between the Asteroid fields on the approach to the planet. (Dark felt is asteroid field, light felt is dust cloud) There are also TIE Squadrons on standby both on the planet surface (if the enemy approach to low orbit) and on the orbital dockyard. Excellent Imperial communications see the Enforcer class light ISD Vengeance jump out of Hyperspace , along with the Nebulon B Frigates. The main group, consisting of ISD Dominion, Venator (carrier) Relentless and Venator (gun) Furious prepare to hold the line.
 Turn 1 Chiss: The Chiss advance behind a massive fighter screen.
 Turn 2 Empire: Pallaeon's battle group slowly comes around the planet, on the nearside to the Chiss advance. The waves of TIEs take up position to screen the IN flank. The Old Republic Dreadnought Gauntlet arrives on the heels of the Nebulon Bs, and begins to advance on the Chiss.
 Turn 2 Chiss: The Chiss Commander slowly turns to Port, with the battleship taking the lead from the carriers. There have been ongoing clashes between TIE squadrons and Chiss fighters and these have taken their toll on the readiness of Chiss carriers.
 Turn 3 Empire: The Chiss had hoped to catch the light ISD Vengeance with their change of tack, but it accelerates to join the main group. At the same time, the rest of Pallaeon's force uses the planet's gravity well to begin a sharp turn to Port. The Imperial TIE waves hang back, hoping to force Chiss fighters to come further away from the protection of their carriers.
 Turn 3 Chiss: The Chiss battleship moves forward, behind a heavy fighter screen. Suddenly, the Chiss commander realises his peril - those capital ships will not be able to avoid triggering hunter-killer mines from that minefield. One of those could potentially cripple a ship on its own. Chiss fighters accelerate at the last moment and clash with the TIE waves.
 Turn 4 Empire: Group-Captain Pallaeon has now surprised the Chiss commander with a rapid reversal of the course of his fleet and the ISD Dominion, along with the Venators Relentless and Furious, bear down on the Chiss flagship. However, Chiss damage control prevents more than light damage. Despite its massive size, the Chiss ship does not trigger any mines.
 Turn 4 Chiss: Then the Chiss pounce, they send their carriers and escorts forward quickly. The escorts act to screen the carriers from the minefield, and buy the bigger ships' safety at the cost of their own destruction. However, Chis retribution is devastating, focus fire cripples the Relentless. It breaks off battle and jumps into Hyperspace the next turn.
 Turn 5 Empire: Things are now grim for the Empire but they continue to hold. If they can pin the Chiss for a little longer, they can catch them in a pincer between the main fleet and the flanking Nebulon Bs. The Furious and Dominion both lock on to one of the Chiss Carriers, and strip its shields. The Gauntlet attempts to score damage at range. Then Bomber waves from the platform and the Dominion then attempt to cripple it. However, the Chiss gunners throw out heavy turret fire and the TIE Bombers are largely ineffectual. The Chiss Carrier slips into Hyperspace, having avoided crippling damage.
Turn 6 Chiss: The Chiss Commander has decided that a strike on the planet itself is not feasible and is now conscious that he could easily lose a carrier to more Imperial fire. So he sets up a heavy fighter CAP and attempts to bring down the Ventator Furious with parting shots, before he breaks off. However, he is unsuccessful and the skirmish is concluded.

It was a close call, my Emperor. If my fellows in Imperial Intelligence had not warned Pellaeon, this could have proved disastrous for our campaign here. Relentless was heavily damaged but her captain had the wit to jump to only a short proximity on the far-side of the planet. We have more than sufficient material and facilities on hand at Narporar to have her ready in days. The ISD Monitor, and attendant vessels, will continue to expand your hegemony around Csilla while Dominion remains to hold the vital facilities at Narporar. However, once Relentless is repaired, Pallaeon intends to jump off into Chiss space.


  1. Good Battle Report Jamie!

    I love the tone, sounds jutt like a lap dog grovelling for the Emperors favour. Its a nice touch.


  2. Hey give the guy a break, Jason. I am sure he is Rambo in the field. However, you have to ask (assuming you are smart enough) whether the fact you've been assigned to a political out-sider like Palleaon's fleet means that, unless you are careful, any face to face encounter with the Emperor is probable to involve force lightning...

    In his situation, I'd be making myself an inoffensive target too!