Saturday, June 4, 2011

BFG Starwars: Chiss Campaign - Battle of Csilla

My lord Emperor, the first fleet action took place between the Imperial pacification force (led by Captain Palleaon) and Rebellion terrorists operating in the sector. The local Chiss, Imperial Allies, were unhappy with the presence of so significant an Imperial fleet, but - mindful of your will -  the Imperial Navy wished to swiftly cut out this cancer, before it spread.

To that end, the Star Destroyers Dominion (Pallaeon's command-ship) and Monitor, set out with their attendant cruisers: Furious (gun Venator), Relentless (carrier Venator), Gauntlet (Dreadnought), light cruisers Vendetta and Vengeance and a squadron of four Nebulon B frigates. They swiftly bypassed the Chiss frontier and made their staging base at Narporar, before heading 'south' toward rumoured Rebel movements beyond Csilla.

 As it transpired, two Mon Calamari Cruisers, and attendant lighter ships, including a number of former Imperial cruisers and escorts, engaged then just beyond the Csilla system.
 The Imperial Navy formed in line of advance: (left to right) Light Cruisers Vendetta and Vengeance; Nebulon B Frigates Talon, Dagger, Lance & Arrow; ISD Dominion; Furious; ISD Monitor; Relentless and Gauntlet.
 The Rebels split their fleet into two main groups, to the right they sent: Mon Cal Cruisers Independence (Flagship) & Reef-Home, accompanied by Corellian Corvettes.
 The other flank was a squadron of Nebulon B frigates, two stolen  Assault Frigates (Tyrants Bane & Fearless) and a stolen escort carrier (Dallust). The Mon Calamari commander also sent a single Dreadnought (Indomitable) up the centre. 
No doubt spooked by the discovery of their covert operations and the consequent need to engage in open battle, the Rebel Scum are foolhardy in their eagerness to close and end it.
We wont last long against those Star Destroyers!
The Rebel Assault Frigates, Nebulon Bs and Escort Carrier race up the flank, past a dust cloud masquerading as an asteroid field. The heavier Mon Cal cruisers begin to loop around from the other side. The lack of training of the Rebel captains is telling though - they have closed so fast that they will not be ready to fire until after the Imperial Navy line takes the first shots. 
 Captain Pellaeon orders the Vendetta &Vengeance, with their flanking escorts, to abandon the planned feigned retreat and instead advance flank speed, lock on, and fire on the lead Rebellion cruisers. Meanwhile, the main ISD group, with flanking Cruisers turns, so as to cut in close to that 'dust cloud' and draw out the time until the Mon Cal ships can make contact. The frigates fire torpedo's through the dust cloud but these are intercepted by Rebel fighters on CAP. However Vendetta & Vengeance score a number of hits on the Assault Frigate Fearless, which with fire from the Dominion, Monitor and Furious (through the Dust Cloud) cripple it. The Monitor and Dominion also launch combined bomber and fighter waves toward the Rebel Dreadnought in the centre, while the Relentless launches fighters to intercept Rebel bomber waves to Starboard.
 With the Fearless in a bad way and numerous bomber waves streaming forward from the Imperial Star Destroyers, the Rebel ships abandon the centre, the Dreadnought turns and races toward the Mon Cal Cruisers, while the Escort Carrier rushes to join the Assault Frigates and Escorts to the Port of the Imperial Fleet. Rebel return fire causes light damage on the Vendetta (which has braced for impact). The Rebellion dreadnought is unable to avoid the Imperial bomber waves though and with its turrets suppressed by Tie Fighters, is subjected to a number of bomber runs and is heavily damaged, saved only by an emergency brace for impact .
 The Imperial Commander, Pallaeon, resolves to ignore the Mon Cal heavies and focus on eliminating the lighter craft to his Port flank. more bomber waves are detached to take on the Rebellion Dreadnought ahead of the main group, while Vengeance and Vendetta onece more fire on, and destroy the Assault Frigate Fearless. Their flanking Nebulon B Frigates also manage to destroy two of their counterparts in the Rebel fleet. The Venator Cruiser Relentless heaves to within close range of the Rebellion Dreadnought and unleashes a combination of proton torpedo's and Tie-Bombers.The Relentless' efforts are supported by its sister ship the Furious and they jointly cripple their target.
 The cowardly Rebel captain (likely some jumped up smuggler or other lowlife) panics and abandons his fellows - breaking off. Meanwhile, the surviving Rebel escorts, along with the fallout from the explosion of the Fearless, have destroyed the Imperial light-cruiser Vendetta. The Fearless' sister-ship Tyrant's Bane attempts to destroy the Vengeance but the untrained crews fail in their duty. The Rebels launch new bomber waves from the Mon Cal Cruisers but these are too far off to threaten the Star Destroyers.

The Imperial light cruiser Vengeance has broken though the Rebel fleets and runs down the stolen escort carrier beyond, destroying it with the aid of the Dominion and Furious at extreme range. The Imperial Nebulon B Frigates attempt to cripple the Tyrant's Bane, even to the point of risking one of their number at close range, but fail to reload Ordnance and cause only light damage with gunnery.

Shocked by the loss of two Cruisers, and the flight of another, the Rebel Scum turn tail and flee. Csilla is now safe under the Imperial Order. However, our spies bring troubling word, my Emperor. Chiss reactionaries have mobilised in to our core ward flank. We cannot risk losing lines of communication to the Galaxy proper and now must divide our attention to quell this new disturbance.


  1. Cheers Fracas,

    Can't claim credit for the table, which was provided by my opponent.

    We are having a lot of fun with this and have two more players now, representing other alien forces.

  2. Good Rerport Jamie :)

    Strangely Rebel records seem incomplete, perhas the commander of the rebel fleet expunged them due to his incompetance.

    Admiril Mari'Nara has adopted Fabian tactics for the next phase of the operation and is gathering his forces before another attempt at engaging the imperials.

    I'll post up the update campaign details on on Blog

  3. Where did you get the venator?

    1. It was from Brigade Miniatures but they've remastered their line now and the model looks quite a bit different.