Sunday, June 19, 2011

BFG Starwars: Chis Ascendency Campaign Turn 6

Sorry blogging has been slow. Basically, another significant aftershock, another week of decreased productivity (or rather, all hands on deck to ensure key things are not derailed) in Christchurch combined with an increase in alchohol consumption. Anyway, when you work hard, look what happens.

He still managed to process turn 6 of the Chiss campaign for us. Through Pallaeon's strategic acument, I now have three fleet banners (Chiss Admiral Than is up to two) and am the obvious target for the circling wolves. If playing multiplayer games with my mates has taught me anything, it is that it is a bad idea to get out ahead early. Of course, Pallaeon probably thinks they will all be afraid of the obvious might of the Empire....


  1. Hi Jamie,

    I have yours, mine and Chris's moves for Turn 7. Just waiting on Admiral Than to confirm his movements for Turn 6 and then Turn 7


  2. So that second fleet might not actually be on that homeworld?