Sunday, May 15, 2011

BFG Starwars - sorted

It is fair to say that enthusiasm for the Starwars BFG project remains high. Originally, it did not seem that the selection for our chosen scale (Revell does 1/2256, a little too big...) was that great.

However, more digging turned up more options. In the midst of that Jason decided that he had to have a rebellion fleet now. So I scoped out the options for Galactic Empire. The ships I have coming from Brigade Miniatures can be in the fleet as older models, amongst the more modern Star-Destroyer types.

We found two vendors that did Starwars in the right scale (that is big ships will be 11cm ish, down to escorts at 4cm ish). If anyone else is interested/hunting, they were:

Bergstrom, with a non-trademark infringing 'Skythe Empire' range.

This is their 11cm long Battleship (in BFG terms), the 'Ascendancy Star Destroyer'.

The other ship I had my eye on was their BFG Cruiser sized (though it might be Grand Cruiser sized) 'Inquisitor Star Cruiser'. They do other ships too, including rebellion, but many of the designs weren't the best.
 The other supplier we found (no doubt licensed) was Odyssey Slipways who have a nicely detailed starwars range. The above is their 'Enforcer' class destroyer, which at 64mm long is perfect for a BFG light cruiser.
I also picked up an 'Interdictor' (same size as Enforcer) from them.
They also do a wide range of the smaller craft, Corellian Corvettes, Carrack Class Cruisers, Blockade Runners, Imperial Frigates and Nebulon B Frigates. I've always loved the Nebulon B, so picked up a couple of packs of three too. As we know, one of these was present at the Battle of Endor - on the Rebel side. Those terrorists brought one modified to a medical-frigate along to a line battle, so that it would be duly destroyed and so give them a propaganda coup.Mine are very likely to be instead armed to deliver devastating torpedo waves!
 In the end, I went with these toy ISDs, 11cm long, from a seller on Ebay. I will have to do something else for the stand but like the model itself better than the Bergstrom ones. So we'll be bending the rules a little, so I do not have to reorder any more from Brigade, and I am once again running a two battleship fleet:
2 x Imperial Star Destroyers (Emperor Class Battleships)
1 x Venator class (Dictator Class Cruiser)
1 x Modified Gun Venator (Lunar Class Cruiser)
1 x Old Republic Deradnaught (Light Cruiser)
1 x Enforcer Class Star Cruiser (Light Cruiser)
1 x Interdictor Class Star Cruiser (Light Cruiser)
6 x Nebulon B Frigates (Escorts)

Should look pretty cool on the table. We've flipped around, and I am now running mine using the BFG IN list, while Jason will be running the Rebels as BFG Chaos. I wasn't going to be running me standard double-battleship fleets but the toy ships were too good a deal.


  1. Some great models. I had looked at both Brigade and Spartan, but Bergstrom and Odyssey are new to me. Look foward to seeing the models.

    I'm probably not inclined to spend on a complete new fleet in the short term. Fortunately I think the SW universe is a pretty diverse place, and the existance of a previously unseen fleet wouldn't be too out of place.

  2. Hi Than, the Brigade ships arrived today, and I like them very much. Scale will be a little off overall but we really just need to get the basing straight.

    Poochie has a BFG fleet and finds the idea interesting, and I'd imagine there might be others.