Monday, May 30, 2011

BFG Starwars: Imperial Fleet to pacify the Chiss Ascendancy

Star Destroyers; Venators; Star Cruisers; Old-Republic Dreadnought; Nebulon Bs
 I'm done. And just in time - tonight I take on the (much more nicely painted) Rebel Scum, who are waging a covert campaign to subvert an Imperial ally, the Chiss. Thrawn's campaign into the 'Unknown Regions' and banishment from the Imperial Court means that it has fallen to me to see off these renegades. What can they muster? Converted freighters, the odd traitor light-warship and the dregs of the system defense forces that lacked the moral fibre to join the Imperial Order. There might perhaps be the odd Chiss independent, provoked by my incursion into their space - but Aliens are no match for the might of the Empire. I do not expect my victory in this campaign to be long drawn out.


  1. Dripping with appropriate theme! I love it!

    You guys are doing a bang-up job, and I am totally, totally looking forward to your continued work, and fun, with this project.

  2. I'm sure you will be finished with these rebel scum within a couple months.
    Untrained rabble really.

  3. Thanks guys, we are having a lot of fun with it.

    I did go well in the first clash but the reality is that I inflicted only light losses (once replacements are accounted for) and 'Murphy's Military Law' states: "If things seem to be going very well, you are probably heading into a trap."

    In fact, I can see a Mon-Cal saying that very thing...