Sunday, May 22, 2011

BFG: Star Wars - Progress

 My toy Star Destroyers arrived yesterday, so I have almost all of my intended 1750pt BFG Star Wars fleet ready to go. In order to keep the project in 'under budget' - I've combined flying stands with commonly available discs in various sizes. I think the larger, wooden, bases, need another coat, but otherwise it seems to work well. I used 55mm (slightly under-sized) wooden discs and 1, 1/4" penny penny washers to get the right sizes for BFG. 
Venator, Star Destroyers, Republic Dreadnought.

This was really all designed around getting the two Star-Destroyers into the list. I decided to give these a little 'wash' and some random shading to break up the plastic grey. Star Destroyers are meant to look boring, so will likely leave these as I have them. Having trawled the lists, the Imperials are looking like: 

Star Destroyer (Emperor Battleship)
Star Destroyer (Emperor Battleship)
Venator Star-Cruiser (Exorcist Grand Cruiser)
Venator Star-Cruiser (Exorcist Grand Cruiser) 
Old-Republic Dreadnought (Reserve Murder Cruiser)
Interdictor (Dauntless Light Cruiser)
Enforcer (Dauntless Light Cruiser)
Nebulon B x 4 (Cobra Class Destroyer)
Star Destroyers

This allows a good mix of the different Imperial Ship types. That Old Republic Dread (likely from a local system-fleet) might defect to the Rebels during the game!

I quite like my Venators. I have another to finish painting and think they are quite cool ships. I don't really add much in terms of painting, but Josh instantly recognises what they are, so mission accomplished! I decided to make these Grand-Cruisers in the end because they are almost as long as a Star-Destroyer and are pretty chunky. The Old Republic just was not quite up to building on an Imperial scale yet. Hopefully the rest arrive soon - I am itching to crush those Rebel Scum!

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  1. Yay! Star Destroyers!

    They look really cool, and all the various ships seem to meld quite well.

    The ISD's will look much better with a wash and a bit of panel highlighting.

    Space Table is complete and good to go, as well as the Super Freighter and his little Mechantmen buddies. Too tired to upload now but will do tomorrow :)

    Man this is going to be cool!