Saturday, April 16, 2011

Impetvs MIR demo army progress

Since WOTR @ NATCON 2011 is a non-starter, we will be putting on demo games of Impetvs. Jason and I will be fighting out the Germanic raids over the Roman watch on the Danube; while Kent and Craig refight the first Crusade.

 I've bent the list a little (more Sarmnatian CP instead of Equites and slingers instead of shortbow) but this is the 400 pt MIR army I plan on taking along. The list is:
Average Command
2 x Poor Generals (unless Maelstrom gets my Russel Crowe fig here in time!)
4 x FL Auxilia
3 x FP Legionaries (two Praetorians, one veterans)
3 x FP Raw Legionaries
3 x S Lanciarii (armoured skirmishers)
2 x S Slingers
3 x CP Sarmatian Lancers
One base of CP lancers, two FP Raw Legionaries and one S Lanciarii to go. I have to do the CP and camp, while the 'painting service' has the FP covered. There is a bit of work to be done by next Friday, not to mention a camp, but I am confident it shall be done in time. If you are around at NATCON and interested in Impetvs, drop by and play some turns.

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